It will soon resume the process of launching new products

Until recently, Honor was a subsidiary of Huawei, which operated as an independent brand. In fact, Huawei executives only intervened in Honor’s general policies, and the production and supply process was overseen by Honor brand executives. However, it has been reported that Huawei is in talks with another Chinese company, Shenzhen Zhixin, to sell the Honor brand and all its franchises.

It was later revealed that Shenzhen Zhixin would not make any changes to the management of the Honor brand, and that even the CEO and other senior members of the brand would continue to operate as before. Now, according to new reports, the process of Honor becoming independent from Huawei and becoming a subsidiary of Shenzhen Zhixin has reached its final stages, and new Honar products will soon be launched in China and other parts of the world.

George Zhao, The CEO of Honor brand told the media that after the completion of the administrative process of selling Honor brand to Shenzhen Zhixin, they will launch the first new product of this brand in the shortest possible time. In fact, considering the statements of its CEO, it can be seen that the new owner of this brand will not change the policies and the way of managing, designing and marketing the products.

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The Honor 40 family is expected to be the first products to be launched by the popular Chinese brand soon. The release date of the Honor V40 family of phones has been announced as January 2021, and they will be released to the world markets in a very short time.

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