Karafarin Bank Technology Holding seeks success with a business perspective

In its first press conference after 6 months of operation, Karafarin Bank “Negah” Technology Holding spoke about the collection’s vision for success, which is cooperation with other fintechs active in the ecosystem.

According to Hossein Eslami, CEO of Negah Group, this holding company operates with the aim of providing technological services to the bank and its subsidiaries, as well as its presence in various fields of technology considered by banks. He points out that Karafarin Bank intends to hand over technological services to separate groups in order to provide better services to the people.

Negah Holding has two sub-categories called “Negah Bank” and “Negah Payment”. Negah Bank Company focuses on providing technological services to the bank; Of course, the scope of these activities includes operational and operational issues, oversight, hardware, infrastructure and communications. The two projects that the company is working on in collaboration with Hamrah-e-Awal are “Hemafarin” with a focus on electronic signatures, and “Ramzafarin”.

Negah Holding, in cooperation with Barakat Foundation, invests 60 billion Tomans in Fintech companies

On the other hand, Negah Payment Company operates as the business arm of Negah Holding and focuses on creating value for the customer. Paying View intends to bring more profitability to banks by providing services that increase the number of transactions and thus the amount of revenue. The company also plans to enter areas such as banking machines, ATMs, service kiosks, cards, customer club design, payment applications, and more.

Negah Payment Company’s payment memorandum of understanding with Shaparak will also be signed soon so that various payment services will be available to users.

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Holding sees its competitive advantage over other banking actors as agility, focus on human capital, speed in providing services to the market, and a participatory approach. “Negah”, which started with a capital of 20 billion Tomans, has now managed to increase its capital to 150 billion Tomans and is registering it. Also, if the necessary licenses are received from the bank, the capital of Negah will reach 300 billion Tomans. Cooperation of Negah Holding with the cooperation of Barakat Foundation’s Bold Investment Fund intends to invest 60 billion Tomans in Fintech companies in the next 6 months.

Negah Holding has also started operations in the field of wallets and open banking in cooperation with seven other banks.

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