KFC console (KFConsole) was introduced + technical specifications, price, photo and release date

KFC, the largest American restaurant chain known for its fast food, posted a video on Twitter in June of this year, claiming that it was working on a console capable of playing 4K games at 120 frames per second. . Many users considered KFC video to be a humorous video; However, KFC’s vision for the video game industry seems to be quite real and serious.

In this regard, KFC officially launched its gaming system in cooperation with Cooler Master Company (Cooler Master) and plans to launch it soon. The KFC gaming product is known as the KFConsole and is set to fit inside the Cooler Master CN100 custom case and receive its processing power from the Intel NUC 9 package.

The KFC console has a lot of processing power; But the main thing is the chicken heating chamber

In addition, the gaming system will use one of the Asus RTX series graphics cards and one terabyte of Seagate NVMe SSD storage. At this time, we do not know exactly which CPU and GPU models are used in KFConsole.

Keep in mind that KFConsole has a lot of processing power; But the main thing about it is not the impressive processing power for playing video games with high resolution and frame rate. KFC‌ says that a compartment for heating the chicken has been placed inside the KFConsole so that you can eat the chicken hot while playing.

The KFC console, which the company calls the next step in gaming innovation, was originally scheduled to be introduced on November 12, 2020; But the birth of the Corona virus affected the date of its introduction and release. According to a post posted on Twitter last month, KFC planned to launch KFConsole in December 2020; But given the fact that the Christmas holidays are about to begin, the product is likely to launch in 2021.

KFC says it calls its console a professional PC maker Team Melmburg Nicknamed Timpelay, he is a member of the CMODX Cooler Master team. KFC apparently rendered the product completely before starting the production process; Because Melmurg had to spend a lot of time making sure the Intel NUC 9 processor package and the chicken coop fitted inside the body without any problems. In an interview with Thomsgide, he said that his main problem was figuring out how to arrange the parts inside the case so that he could build the device on a small scale without sacrificing the cooling system.

Chicken heating compartment in KFConsole / KFC console

According to Melmburg, the design of the cylinders is difficult, and adding a chicken coop independently is also difficult. It is very difficult to add these two features to a powerful personal computer; For this reason, Melmburg has had to spend days building a three-dimensional model of the device.

The heat of the parts in the KFConsole keeps the chicken warm

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Interestingly, the Intel NUC 9 and the chicken coop in the KFConsole are not completely separate. At first, we thought NUC 9 and the chicken coop were completely separate and put together in some special way. However, according to KFC, the heat from the Intel NUC 9 activity in the KFConsole helps keep the chicken warm. In this innovative design, different parts need to be carefully separated by special coatings; Because cooking oil is definitely harmful to personal computer components.

Top view of the chicken heating system in the KFConsole / KFC console

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Steve James, The global public relations manager at CoolerMaster, says the reaction from KFC fans was so good that the KFConsole could not be turned into a real product. This suggests that KFC may not have had a serious intention of producing a gaming system from the beginning; But when he saw the popularity of the people, he decided to take the product seriously.

KFC apparently intends to combine KFConsole with components to make the system more competitive with consoles Xbox X Series And PlayStation 5 Have. Currently, the price and release date of KFConsole are not specified.

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