Leave your Yalda purchases to Maxim

Maxim courier is with you to do your Yalda shopping.

Yalda night this year should be held a little differently from any other year and had the least attendance at meetings; But this does not mean canceling the Yalda night celebration! Max Max courier is by your side to make your purchases and deliver your service at home.

Buy nuts and pomegranates on your Yalda night with Maxim

Certainly there is no Yalda night without nuts, pomegranates and watermelons. On the other hand, many prefer to be less present in the city and avoid going to crowded shops and shopping. With this in mind, a good solution is for someone to do our shopping and have it delivered to their front door.

Maxim is with you so that your Yalda night is not without Sorosat. All you have to do is prepare your order list and give it to Max Max to deliver it to you in the shortest possible time.

Maximum Peak Advantages

Max Max courier has incredible benefits that are not limited to the delivery or delivery of goods. At Peak Maxim, you can request to buy your necessities and ask the driver to go to the store or shop of your choice and buy your order list.

The driver will contact you as soon as the request is accepted to make the purchase you want in the best possible way. The driver informs you of the price of each product and buys it after your confirmation. It then adds the purchase invoice to the courier amount and you can pay it to the driver in cash or online.

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So if you are looking for someone for Yalda night shopping or even your daily shopping; Download the Maxim app, select the package or goods delivery option, and then specify your origin and destination by choosing to purchase and deliver the goods. Finally, select the request for registration and write your purchase orders in the additional information section so that the driver can buy them for you. It is also possible to specify the day and time you want in the program.

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