Let film criticism go; An interesting adaptation of Larry Watson’s novel

Let Him Go is a film written and directed by Thomas Bezoja. This film is a product of 2019 Based on the novel of the same name by Larry Watson. Be with the film review.

Thomas Bezoja is an American director and screenwriter Made a movie. He made his feature film debut in 2000 with the title “Big Eden” and received the highest rating of 7.3 on imdb. Bezoja made his second film of the year 2005 – “The Family Stone” starring Diane Keaton (Godfather). The film received an average score of 6.3 on the imdb site with 60208 votes. His second film is “Monte Carlo”, which was made in 2011. Its most prominent actor was Selena Gomez, who also composed many songs for the film. This video is on imdb site with the number of votes 40974 Average score Has taken 5.8. “Let Him Go” is the third film by Thomas Bezoja, made in 2019 and released in November 2020 in the United States. The film received an average of 6.7 votes on the imdb site with 5523 votes. It is interesting to know that this work is one of Barack Obama’s favorite films among the films of 2020. The plot of the film is that a retired sheriff and his wife lose their son in an accident and their bride marries someone else. This marriage creates problems for this family.

In the following, we will review this film and the story of the film will be revealed

Kevin Costner sees George and his bride talking in the film Let Go

The director changes the genre of the film throughout the story so that the audience is confronted with a lively and dynamic film.

The director changes the genre of the film throughout the story so that the audience is confronted with a lively and dynamic film. The most iconic film that intelligently moves between different genres is Bong Jong Ho’s “Parasite.” The film also manages to shift the family and crime genres to some extent. One of the highlights of the story is the turning points, each of which presents an engaging challenge to the characters and the audience. It is also considered a modern or neo-western film. As one of the main characters in Sheriff’s film retires and his family is skilled in equestrianism, the way they dress also reminds the audience of Western films. The subject of the film is not unlike the subject of the old Western films: good people go to war with bad people.

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The beginning of the film prepares the audience well for what is to happen in the future. In the opening scene of the film, the boy is taking care of a horse in the stable, there is also a little light in this scene. These scenes show the connection between the boy and the horse, and the light of the scene creates a kind of sadness that can be understood in the rest of the film. One of the topics that is not covered in a good movie is the issue of the initial relationship between the bride of the family and the mother. In a dialogue in the middle of the film, the mother says to the bride of the dialogue family: “I’m sorry that I did not have a good relationship with you before. But at the beginning of the film we do not see anything bad about the relationship between the two. Maybe it would have been better if this bad relationship was clearly shown or not so well shown at the beginning of the film.

The next topic is the side story in the film. The main characters on their way suddenly meet a young Indian boy at one point, who gets closer and closer to them. The only reason this sub-story can be brought is that this young Indian boy talks about the abuses that happen to Indians and informs the audience. But in general, it should be said that this sub-story does not fit well with the whole film. Even at the end of the film, this sub-story ends without any conclusion from this sub-story.

Let Leslie Manville smoking in the movie

In this film, as in many other films, bringing luck to the character makes him successful in his work

In this film, as in many other films, bringing luck to the character makes him successful in his work. When the sheriff enters the house of the wicked to save the bride and her granddaughter at the end of the film, he does not know in which room his bride is, but he accidentally and happily opens the room where the bride and his granddaughter are sleeping. It is true that the sheriff dies in the end, but the bride and her granddaughter are saved. The reason for this rescue is that the sheriff can easily find his bride’s room. It could have been easier to solve this problem by bringing a dialogue in the film, but unfortunately this did not happen.

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At several points in the film, the director somehow predicts the fate of the sheriff, who is to be decided at the end of the film. In several places in the film, the sheriff recalls the moment when he found his son’s body. This subconscious reminder makes the audience think that the sheriff would not suffer the same fate as his son. Or in the scene of the sheriff, at the beginning of his journey, he visits the family tomb alone and still looks at his son’s grave. The end of the film is one of the highlights of the director. They are, and their faces are full of sorrow and grief because of what has happened bitterly. The sun rises and a little bit of light falls on their faces. This scene states that hardship is over and a hopeful future awaits them.

When it comes to this movie, it’s cruel not to mention Leslie Manville’s brilliant acting. Undoubtedly, Leslie Manville has the brightest role in the film and, as always, she shines in her role. Manuel is present in a few minutes of the film, but in those few minutes he has appeared very praiseworthy. He conveys the crazy and lively nature of the character to the audience. Leslie Manville is a talented actress, and her most famous film is Mike Lee’s “Another Year.” Manuel was nominated for major awards for his role in that film. Other movie games are mediocre. Finally, “Let Him Go” is a movie that has exciting scenes and can entertain the audience. Also, Leslie Manville’s very good game should be added to it. That’s why this movie is worth watching.

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