Marvel has unveiled a new Spider-Man costume for the Amazing Spider-Man series

Marvel has recently released images to give fans a glimpse of the all-new Spider-Man costume he will wear in the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series.

In the latest news from the comic world, Marvel Comics showed fans a completely new Spider-Man costume; The costume he is supposed to wear in March and episode 62 of the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series, as well as in April and episode 63 of the same series. The publishing company, which recently published a summary of the March 2021 comic book story, only referred to “a new look”. After a while, the cover image of episode 62 of this series was released, fans once again realized that Spider-Man is going to wear a new costume in this episode; But the image created by Nick Spencer and Patrick Gleason was still mysterious.

Spider-Man costume designed by Dustin Weaver; The person who designed the cover images of the 62nd and 63rd episodes of the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series. “This design was really a joint effort between Nick Spencer, Nick Lou, and me,” Weaver said in a statement. They harnessed the weird, extraordinary technical qualities I had created. They helped me create something that, while simple, is both classic and shows the future. “I can’t wait to see Patrick Gleason bring it back to life.” The following is a summary of Sections 62 and 63:

The main cover of episode 62 of the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series

Episode 62:

The first show of new clothes! King Payne does everything personally with Peter Parker, and this is New York City itself that has to pay for it! On the other hand, a different story that started about 30 episodes ago, is now going to reach its explosive destination.

Episode 63:

This costume is very reminiscent of the amazing costume that Peter Parker wore in the Marvel’s Spider-Man game created by Insomniac for the PlayStation 4. This dress left the signature of the red and blue color combination of this hero to go for the gray and blue combination; It is accompanied by thin golden lines that are drawn around the spider mark on the chest and eyes. Variety covers designed by Weaver show Spider-Man swinging the streets of New York City; The city that is seen with a golden combination in the background and highlights the new Spydy dress for us even more.

The cover of the 63rd issue of the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series includes James Jonah Jameson (an old rival who has now become a trusted friend) who follows Spider-Man; A male and a female cameraman are trying to capture images of the hero’s new costume with their camera.

On the other hand, Marvel wrote about these two parts: “Following the tragic and very difficult events of Sin’s Rising, Peter Parker wears this new costume in order to prepare for his confrontation with King Payne; The encounter is narrated in the next storyline of Nick Spencer in this popular series. “When episodes 61 and 62 of the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series are released, you can discover the mystery behind this completely hidden costume.” Part 2 of the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series will be released in March 2021 by Marvel Comics; Comics edited by Nick Spencer and Patrick Gleason.

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Spider-Man swings in the city in the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series

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