Maskino will unveil his Shoplifting Detection product at the Retail Show

Maskino has participated in the second specialized international exhibition of shopping malls, commercial complexes, new approaches of the retail industry and related industries in Tehran International Exhibitions from 5 to 8 December this year and will unveil the Shoplifting Detection product.

Maskino The second product of Daneshbanian Company is the intelligent vision of the leading generation. Binesh Hooshmand, a leading generation company active in the field of authentication, introduced its first product under the UAID brand to the Iranian market. By disabling authentication and with the cooperation of the depository company, UAID was able to contribute significantly to the health of the community and make the process of receiving the stock exchange code absent in order to prevent people from accumulating in the counter offices. Currently, UAID, in cooperation with Asan Pardakht (Up) Company and Saman Bank 724 application, authenticates more than 15,000 users daily to receive the stock exchange code.

How Muscino AI works

The MuskinoQ Smart Camera uses artificial intelligence algorithms including Face Detection, Recognition and Face Matching. By defining the faces of people in the Maskino system, it is recognized as soon as it passes in front of the camera and even while wearing a mask, and according to the needs of businesses, it informs the security officers and relevant officials of the arrival of these people.

A panel or dashboard is provided with this system through which the relevant operators can check the images received from the Maskino camera and see the traffic reports of different people. Also, if people whose image is defined as a thief or blacklist in the system, this panel will notify the relevant operator by sending a warning. Here are two main uses for the Maskino: Identify shoplifters And face recognition attendance system with mask

Avoid Shoplifting by identifying suspects before committing a crime

Many stores and shopping malls, due to the structure of the store, the large number of corridors and complex structures and different entrances, need to cover different areas of the stores with a large number of cameras and no blind spots remain. This means a large number of cameras and, consequently, a large number of manpower. It is almost impossible for a human operator to monitor all cameras and record theft and theft. In addition, it will be time consuming to review the recorded videos due to their high volume. Why not leave these tasks to artificial intelligence?

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Many shopping malls in Australia, South Korea, the United Kingdom and many other developed countries now use smart cameras with face recognition capabilities. Using algorithms such as deep learning (Deep Learning) and machine learning (Machine Learning) that helps face recognition (Face detection) and identity of thieves (Face Recognition).

Thus, chain stores and shopping malls will be able to identify thieves returning to the store using Maschino smart cameras. Thieves now carry out their criminal activities in stores more than once, and so many stores have compiled a list of suspects. By defining the face of the suspects in the system, cameras equipped with Maskino AI immediately send a warning to the security force when the suspect enters and compares his face with what is defined in the system.

Manage entry and exit controls with face recognition feature with mask

One of the things that Pandemi imposed on everyone is the ability to adapt to difficult standards and actions and to change the usual and standard ways of doing things. And this situation has improved through advances in technology. With a face-based attendance system, organizations and employees no longer have to worry about their safety and health. The Maskino attendance system is able to replace a technologically advanced and secure way of doing things on a daily basis by eliminating traditional access methods and less efficiency. Using artificial intelligence and using algorithms such as machine learning and deep learning, Maskino recognizes employees’ faces even with a mask and records the entry and exit of employees without any contact. What are the benefits of using this Maskino product?

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1. Record face attendance even with a mask

۲. Easy installation with low cost

3. Safe management and scalability

4. The advantage of being untouched

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