Meet CRM tools, your business Waze software

Suppose on a foggy night, on asymptotic roads, you are asked by a car without a dashboard to hit the road and start a journey. You will probably have to move very slowly to reach your destination safely, you will have to stop for navigation in many places, and you will have to spend a lot of time and money going back the wrong way.


Now change the image:

The same foggy night on a road with clear traffic signs, a car with a full dashboard and A mobile phone through software Waze Shows you the map. It is very definite, clear and obvious that you are in the latter case Faster, more accurate and less expensive You will reach your destination. Exactly the first image is the status of a business manager without having software CRM, Manages his company.

“Sale” It is the heart of every business; If this heart does not work properly or has a problem that we do not notice quickly, we will probably have a serious problem.


CRM software Sales Assistant and Dashboard It’s your business and it helps you to be aware of the state of your business’s heart at all times and, in the event of a problem, change course for the better in the first moments. For example, suppose that in a very stylish dashboard, the following information is always available to you:

  • Which of your ads was most effective?
  • Which of your sales staff has the most potential customers?
  • Who are your most active employees?
  • What were the last conversations with each customer?
  • When the phone rings, who is behind the line and what has been bought from you before.
  • Each of your sales staff has called several times in the past week to track a customer.
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And …

A simple example:

Read these numbers in order:






Now close your eyes and repeat them again! Your memory will probably not help. The story is that simple! When the number of your customers exceeds the number of fingers on one hand, you probably forget a lot of customer follow-ups and requests, and because there is no trace of this forgetfulness (for example, you do not have a report that shows them to you), you realize when the job is over. And you are stuck in the middle of a wrong road with an empty gas tank.

software CRM Meet In the simplest way possible (with a 10-minute tutorial) it helps you run your business smartly and always be on the right track without stress and at the lowest cost.

Click the button below and try the free visiting capabilities for 15 days. Meet definitely your point of view in the field Smart sales Will change.


In order not to impose additional costs on you, we have the software of meeting with ۱۵ Free day and 30 Money back guarantee day We provide you with free of charge Rials and after the effectiveness of CRM software Meet sure, earn it for growth‌Use your work.

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