Microsoft and other tech giants join Facebook lawsuit against NSO

A group of technology companies & including Microsoft, Google, Cisco and Viamore support Facebook’s legal action against NSO, Report They filed a lawsuit against the company in a US court. In addition to the companies, LinkedIn and GitHub (a subsidiary of Microsoft) and the Internet Association also joined Facebook in a lawsuit against NSO and filed a lawsuit in court.

Last year, Facebook claimed that NSO had been able to hack 1,400 devices through vulnerabilities in WhatsApp messengers, and that is where the two companies’ legal battle began. In response to Facebook’s complaint, NSO argued that it should have sovereign immunity because it sold its spy tools to foreign governments. In July of this year, a judge rejected a request from NSO to file a complaint against Facebook. The spyware company is now trying to overturn the ruling with government immunity.

Yesterday, Microsoft Report In it, it warned users about the growth of private companies developing and selling cyber and espionage software. The report states:

We believe that NSO’s business model is dangerous, and that granting government immunity to this company and other similar private companies will allow them to continue their risky business without regard to legal rules, liability and consequences.

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The Microsoft report cites three reasons for concern about NSO’s actions:

  • Providing the company’s software to abusive individuals and entities can carry serious risks.
  • Compared to government agencies, there is no limit to the number of tools that private companies can design. Indeed, governments consider the political and security relations of their citizens; While private companies do not have such concerns.
  • NSO tools threaten human rights.
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According to Microsoft, private companies should take responsibility when they use cyber surveillance tools to break the law or deliberately present their tools for such purposes, regardless of the identity of their customers and their goals. Microsoft hopes to work with other tech companies to protect customers and the global digital ecosystem through a recent lawsuit.

So far, NSO has not responded. The company has previously claimed that government lawmakers are using its software to fight organized crime. The company also investigates any allegations of misuse of its products.

In recent years, there have been reports of NSO spyware being misused. According to a report last week by Citizen Lab, the iPhones of a number of Al Jazeera journalists were hacked using NSO’s Kizmet software. The process of hacking journalists’ iPhones is said to have been exploited by exploiting the iMessage vulnerability.

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