Microsoft logo chip for server and Surface is under construction

Bloomberg News released a special report a few hours ago, citing informed sources, claiming that Microsoft is trying to follow the same path as Apple and produce proprietary ARM-based chips for the server and possibly one of the Surface family of products in the future.

According to Bloomberg, dedicated processors based on the logo architecture are to be installed on Azure cloud platform servers (Microsoft Azure) to be used. In addition, Bloomberg writes, Microsoft is examining the situation to consider the option of using other chips in the Surface family of devices. However, it is unclear at this time whether the project of using other chips in Surface devices will be completed.

Microsoft currently uses Intel chips based on the x86 architecture on many Surface family devices and Azure cloud servers. Microsoft has previously partnered with AMD and Qualcomm to build the Surface 3 and Surface Pro X chips, indicating that the process of transitioning from Intel chips has begun long ago.

Last year, Microsoft partnered with Qualcomm to develop the SQ1 chip based on the logo architecture for the Surface Pro X, and this year saw the unveiling of a new model called the SQ2. The Redmondians have announced that the SQ2 is a modified version of the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 5G chip that Qualcomm introduced at IFA 2020; However, SQ2 does not have the ability to connect to a 5G network. Microsoft also partnered with AMD to build the Surface 3 laptop to build custom prototypes of the Raizen series chips.

The use of logo architecture on servers will definitely be a coincidence and will have several effects; Especially for Intel. Some time ago, Apple officially announced the launch of the Intel chip in its products with the unveiling of the M1 chip, and after two years, it will completely abandon Intel. At present, Intel processors have taken over the server market, and AMD is constantly trying to increase its share of the server market thanks to the EPYC series processors.

Not to mention that, according to Bloomberg, Microsoft has repeatedly hired process engineers in recent years to strengthen its capabilities in this area.

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Amazon, Microsoft’s big competitor in the cloud, is also a major threat to Intel and AMD. Last year, the company unveiled proprietary chips called Graviton 2, based on the Amazon AWS logo architecture, which is a high quality chip.

Logo-based servers still make up a very small portion of the overall server market, despite their good performance and cost savings.

The Ward news agency contacted Microsoft following the release of the Bloomberg report for details, and apparently did not deny the news. According to Microsoft, the company plans to continue investing in areas such as design, manufacturing and tools. Verge says Microsoft is working to strengthen its business relationship with a wide range of chip providers.

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