Ming Chi Koo: Apple quality standards can delay Apple Car production until 2028

There have been some rumors about the possibility of launching Apple’s physical vehicle in 2021; But that period is a bit far-fetched; Especially at a time when the world is limited by production and the closure of production centers due to the epidemic of the corona virus. This period is exactly the time of the introduction of new iPhones and it does not seem that the technology world giant will unveil two big and important products in one event.

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However, the published claims and reports seem a bit far from the truth; Because so far, reliable information on the type and hardware specifications of this car has not been published. Following the spread of often false rumors about the Apple Car, Ming-Chi Koo, a familiar analysis of Apple products in his latest note to investors, warned of the hype caused by the reports; Rumors that led to an increase in the value of shares of Apple business partners.

According to Koo, buying shares in affiliates is a quick and accelerated reaction that can be short-lived, and there are at least three reasons why investors should not do so right now. Uncertainty about the schedule, lack of supplier or vehicle specifications, and uncertainty about Apple’s competition in the electric car and automobile market are the major issues that may pose problems for investors. In the past, Mingchi Ko had predicted that the Cupertinos would unveil their cars between 2023 and 2025; But he now acknowledges that Apple Car’s current development plans are in a state of ambiguity and that no exact timing can be determined. he writes:

Given the changing market for electric vehicles (EVs) and Apple cars and high quality standards, we would not be surprised if the Apple Car launch program is postponed to 2028 or later. According to reports and rumors, the specifications and suppliers are only market speculation and do not include the actual Apple Car suppliers. Nature in Now, the evolution of technical specifications makes it too early to talk about the final specifications.

Analytical foundation TF Securities and Mingchi Kuo believe that hardware will not be the trump card and the main factor in the success of Apple’s car; Rather, big data AI will guarantee the success of this product; Areas where Apple has not shown significant competitive advantage in its products.

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The comments of some analysts and reputable news agencies have also been published, which can be closer to reality and provide a good view of Apple’s future product. For example, Reuters believes that Apple is trying to launch a self-driving car in 2024 with the technology of the so-called next-level battery. The battery is based on a “single cell” design, allowing engineers to assemble single cells into one battery and free up closed, unusable space in the battery; However, it is believed that the restriction created due to the epidemic of the Corona virus could delay the introduction of the Apple Car until 2025 or even more.

Goldman Sachs analysts believe that it would make sense for Apple to be in the automotive industry as a hardware-supporting platform for its services; But the low profitability of the auto business and high production costs are likely to mean that investors in the field will have a restrictive effect on earnings, apparently leading Apple to look for alternatives, including trusting other manufacturers to build the vehicle. will give.

According to another report by Morgan Stanley, Apple’s interest in entering the electric vehicle industry is likely to improve the driving experience by integrating hardware, software and services. According to the report, technology giant Cupertino is looking to achieve five key technologies, including processor design, battery, camera, sensor and display, that potentially contribute to its car development efforts and make Apple Car a long-term project. Be.

The Titan project has faced many ups and downs so far, and vaguely, its work process has varied from automotive systems to car design; But Apple’s main effort is thought to be focused on building self-driving electric vehicles; This has led to numerous patents in the field of car design and other related technologies. In addition, hiring experts and buying startups in the field to expedite research is another testament to Apple’s determination in the industry.

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