Mission Impossible 7 filming continues in the UK despite an increase in coronary heart disease

Although the incidence of coronavirus has increased dramatically in the UK, the filming process Mission Impossible 7 will continue in this country.

According to the latest Movie and TV newsAfter the filming and production of the seventh part of Mission Impossible in Italy, the filming and production of this action film will continue in the United Kingdom. According to reports, the filming and production of Mission Impossible 7 is set to take place after the Christmas holidays at the Longcross Film Studio in the UK, despite a significant increase in the number of people infected with the Corona virus in the country. The site was used by the British Army to test its tanks and has since been converted into a film studio.

The Langcross Film Studio has previously produced such films as Skyfall, Thor: The Dark World and Guardians of the Galaxy. Other films such as The King’s Man, Artemis Fowl, The Gentlemen and Death on the Nile have also recently been screened at Longcross Studios. Variety also confirmed that Tom Cruise He returned to the UK to return to the behind-the-scenes footage of Mission Impossible 7 after the Christmas holidays. The filming location of this action film has also been changed from Longsross to Warner Bros.’s Leavesden film studio.

Recently, the prevalence of coronavirus in the south-east of England, which is close to the studio, has risen to level four, which is the highest level. However, the production of film and television works can continue in accordance with health protocols. Filming and production on Mission Impossible 7 is also expected to be completed at Longcross Studios. Tom Cruise، Rebecca Ferguson، Haley Atoll، Morales، Pam Clementiev، Xia Wigham، Simon Peg, Henry Cherney, Vanessa Kirby and Wing Reims, Are among the actors whose presence in the new episode of Mission Impossible has been confirmed and announced.

Mission Impossible 7 is scheduled for release on November 19, 2021 (November 28, 1400), and Mission Impossible 8 is scheduled to be released on November 4, 2022 (November 13, 1401). Christopher McCurry, The director of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and Mission Impossible: Fallout have also returned to direct and write the script for two new episodes of Mission Impossible.

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