Mobile Mechanic: Good news with a new look!

Behind every change, there are hidden feelings and values, perhaps the most beautiful of which is “hope”; Hope for better, more beautiful and more روزهای days ‌ with the audience and a large family with mechanics. We have been constantly changing from seven years ago and the founding of Mechanic to the present day. We have reviewed the business plan of mechanics and its services many times and we have always tried to get closer to our biggest vision, that is, to become the flagship of the country’s car services by adding various facilities and examining the needs of the market and customers.

Mobile mechanic

After the family of 300 people joined the mechanic, on December 23, 2016, we moved towards a big change. Of course, this complexity has a different color and flavor; It’s you and this visual identity change along with the mechanics! We suggest you do not miss the short video below.

Who accompanies the mechanic?

Hamrah Mechanic, the first service provider On-site car expertise, Started its activities in 1392. With more than 170,000 successful car experts, we can still recognize Hamrah Mechanic as a leader in car expertise in Iran.

In the middle of its journey, Hamrah Mechanic established the first exhibition of specialized vehicles to create a new experience for people who are looking for safe, carefree and easy car buying and selling. Selling 150,000 cars completely free of charge and with just one call, and buying 18,000 certified cars with a warranty for their owners is one of the achievements of the mechanic in this tortuous path.

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Along with the mechanic, in order to further value the needs of its audience, it has provided various tools such as the tool of daily car price or the cost of car maintenance and repairs during this period to become a comprehensive car platform. The mobile app of Mechanic in both Android and iOS versions is also by your side to install it through Click on this linkSatisfy all your car needs.

What does the new visual identity with mechanics mean?

Need to change logotype and visual identity Mobile mechanic, For reasons such as the inability to communicate properly with the audience, provide a comprehensive definition of the values ​​and services of the collection and the lack of quality and visual coordination in color and form has been quite noticeable; Therefore, it has designed a new set of visual content and logotype that shows the core values ​​of the brand along with mechanics including expertise (knowledge) and companionship (being popular and responsible and paying attention to the needs of the audience) and as a result of combining the two, trust (core brand value of the organization). .

The main logo of the logo uses maps that each convey the concept of trust in some way:

  • The circle is a symbol of rotation and movement and the geometry of trust, which also shows the nature of trade with mechanics, ie the car.
  • Blue, the main organizational color associated with mechanics, conveys the concept of trust, which is more attractive than the old logo associated with mechanics.
  • Red, the second color of the organization, has been chosen for the dynamic space and energy required according to the nature of the business and its young audience.
  • The role of the headlight in the car amp is considered as a way to illuminate the road. On the other hand, the same light will be the minimal symbol of the car seen from the upper angle, and the three parallel lines that were previously the symbol of light, will become the symbol of the speed and movement of the car to the right.
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It goes without saying that the typography of the mechanical companion name has also been updated, in which structuralist lines have been deliberately used to convey the concept of trust.

Finally, we invite you to get more acquainted with Hamrah Mechanic on the official website of this company at Come and fly with your suggestions and criticisms to get more climax with the mechanic.

Buy with a reliable mechanic, sell easily

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