More than 9,000 vehicles were cleared through customs

Ruhollah Latifi, The spokesman of Iran’s customs, announced that 1,100 cars do not have an order registration and the order registration of 400 cars has been canceled. He added:

There are about 700 cars left in the customs that had entered the country before the order was registered to receive the order registration at the same time as entering the customs. More than 2,000 cars also have lawsuits. These vehicles will be cleared on the condition of innocence.

Customs used to control goods for tolls and government duties for countries; But after a while, facilitation laws were introduced in addition to control cases, along with the world’s customs, and in many countries, the laws in question were approved.

The members of the World Customs Organization also sought to achieve two issues of strict control and acceleration of the passage of goods across borders for trade between countries. Iran is a longtime member of the World Customs Organization and the Customs Organization is one of the oldest organizations in the country. According to many experts, if more goods are stopped at customs every day, 1% will be added to the cost of goods; While in world trade, lower commodity prices play a significant role in participating in the world competitive market.

Accordingly, while observing the laws, intelligent and electronic customs procedures on the passage of goods across the country’s borders can be accelerated. In the discussion of smart calculation of commodity risk, there are three lines of green, yellow and red, and in the green line of commodity, there is no stopping.

More than thirty devices in Iran are involved in foreign trade. If a product goes abroad or enters the country, several devices are involved with different rules. At present, some of the authority of the devices, such as the Commodity Unit Standard, has been delegated and it is intended to use Amin Laboratory and several devices to approve the approved analyzes.

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