Netflix tests the ability to play video audio separately

Among the video streaming services, Netflix can be considered as one of the best that has countless fans all over the world. Netflix has an archive with a variety of content, allowing users to spend most of their free time watching movies, series and documentaries.

Netflix is ​​looking for different ways to provide different experiences to its users and subscribers. One of these methods will be to play video content as an audio podcast in the Netflix mobile application. This may seem a little strange; But it was added at the request of users.

In the launch sound of this feature, a button will be added to the interface of the Netflix mobile application that prevents video playback and only the sound of the desired content will be played. In recent years, Netflix has provided subscribers with a wide range of content, including subtitles and dubbed audio in various languages ​​for movies and series in the archive.

Separate streaming of audio content can help reduce Internet usage. A Netflix spokesman said of the new feature: “We are always looking for ways to improve the user experience of the Netflix mobile version. “We have made the trial version of the new feature available in a limited number of countries and will only make it available to the public if it is well received by users.”

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The addition of this feature and the welcome of users can create a new path for Netflix, and in the future we will see an archive of audio podcasts along with video content in one of the largest streaming services in the world. It is not yet known whether the feature will be added to the web version or only for the Netflix mobile app.

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