New clues to the Roswell incident in the diary of a former US Army officer

In 1947, an unidentified flying object (UFO) was reported to have crashed a short distance from Roswell Military Base in New Mexico. Jesse MarcelAn Air Force counter-intelligence officer was dispatched to the scene to investigate the crash. The story of the fall reached the press and caused a great deal of controversy. Even the military said in a statement that it may have discovered a UFO. This led many to speculate that the incident may have been caused by a spacecraft. Shortly afterwards, the military retracted its claims, this time claiming that what fell on Roswell was the remnants of a weather balloon; But many were still skeptical.

This incident later became known as the “Roswell Incident” and sparked a number of conspiracy theories claiming that the US government was hiding the facts and did not intend to reveal much evidence of the presence of space creatures on Earth. Meanwhile, Jesse Marcel’s recently discovered diary may be able to help solve the story. The Marcel family recently revealed the existence of a diary that he had with him during the investigation into the Roswell incident.

If Marcel's memoirs are true, it could be the first real clues to Roswell's riddleIf Marcel’s memoirs are true, they could be the first real clues to Roswell

The first person to report the fall of an unidentified flying object was Behnam ‌ Animal Husbandry Mac Brazil On the morning of July 3, 1947, he noticed the wreckage of a strange spacecraft near the road. Brazil’s first description of this flying object was that it was made of paper with a layer of glossy foil. Brasel also spoke of pieces of wood and light plastic, adding that he saw strange marks on the carcass and spongy plastic parts. Brazil reported the incident to the police, and the police immediately informed Roswell Air Base. “My grandfather examined the debris on the farm and recognized that it was not man-made,” Marcel’s grandson, Jesse, told the Daily Mail.

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Marcel wrote his memoirs in encrypted language

If the story of “Marcel’s Secret Memories” is true, it could be one of the first real clues to Roswell’s riddle. This is a sensitive issue that even some former US counterintelligence officials pay special attention to. Ben SmithFormer CIA agent and researcher on the new five-part documentary on the history television network, “Roswell: The First Witness,” said the government claimed to have discovered the UFO and issued a statement about it. “No other government in the world has said first that we found the spacecraft and the next day it will publish another news item in the press and take back everything it says and say it has only found a weather balloon,” Marcel wrote in his diary.

The Roswell incident is still one of the most famous UFO sightings to dateThe Roswell incident is one of the most famous examples of UFO sightings to date

Interestingly, Marcel’s memoirs were written in encrypted language that only he could understand. This makes the subject more interesting; Because apparently there must be sensitive information involved. Decades after the incident, Marcel told a reporter that he believed the unidentified bird object discovered by the US military had extraterrestrial origins. When it becomes more dubious to know that another unidentified object was seen weeks ago. In this context, Kent ArnoldThe fighter pilot said he had seen more than one mysterious flying object, describing it as white spheres flying in the air like a flying saucer.

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Although the Roswell incident has been widely accepted by UFOs and space creature fans as the first observation of space creatures, Arnold’s story was the first example of an unidentified flying object being seen in the United States. However, why is the Roswell story still important and receiving so much attention? Smith explains:

It all started with Roswell. The story is the source of unidentified flying objects, and the government’s possible secrecy about space creatures stems from this story. There have been science fiction stories with this theme before; But what we now know in popular culture is rooted entirely in the government’s secrecy over the 1947 case.

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