Nikon ends production of camera in Japan after 70 years

Japan-based AERAdot news agency recently announced in a special report that Nikon intends to end production of cameras in Japanese-made factories. According to the report, Nikon is working to provide the necessary platform to transfer the camera production process from the Sendai factory in the Tohoku area of ​​northern Tokyo to its factories in Thailand. AERAdot cites Nikon as the main motivation for doing so.

The Nikon plant in Sendai has an area of ​​approximately 27,000 square meters and has been operating almost uninterruptedly since its opening in 1971. The first camera produced at this factory was the Nikon AM (Nikon EM), which dates back to 1979.

Since 1979, the Sendai factory, as Nikon’s main camera manufacturing center, has also provided technical assistance and assistance to camera manufacturers outside of Japan. Nikon’s first camera in Japan actually consisted of a set of 20 test cameras built in 1946 at the Nippon Kokagu factory.

The latest statistics until 2018 show that the Sendai factory has 352 employees who work in various sectors such as monitoring CNC machines and close monitoring of parts and ensuring the final quality of products. These people check all the cameras and lenses Who leave the factory to make sure they are safe.

AERAdot News Agency says a statement from Hirotaka Ikegami‌ Received the General Manager of the Video Unit at Nikon. Ikegami says the Sendai plant will continue to operate as a platform for new businesses and will focus on manufacturing technologies. It goes without saying that the general manager of the video unit at Nikon says that the Thai factory will continue to produce powerful and highly accurate parts that are needed to produce the camera.

According to AERAdot, the process of transferring the production lines of Nikon Z6 and Z7 mirrorless cameras to the Thai factory has started since October 2020 (October and November 2014). In addition, Nikon apparently intends to completely transfer the production process of the D6 camera, which is in the category of DSLR cameras, to the Thai factory before the end of 2021.

Nikon has so far preferred not to respond to reporters’ requests for transparency.

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