Nvidia and the story of the YouTube channel boycott; When beam interception becomes troublesome

Different companies always provide their new products to experts so that the product review process begins and at a specific time, the product review article is published on various websites. This is what happened to the new generation of Nvidia graphics cards, known as the RTX 3000 family, which are based on the Ampere architecture; But in the meantime, something strange happened that you may not have heard of.

Nvidia reportedly announced in a short email to the Hardware Unboxed YouTube channel and the Tekspat news agency that it no longer intends to make the GeForce Founders Edition series graphics cards available to them. What is the reason for this? According to Nvidia, Hardware Unboxed spent very little time on the RTX beam segment while reviewing the company’s new graphics card, and spent time on Raster performance. Nvidia says Hardware Unboxed has a different perspective on gamers and other members of the gaming industry.

Hardware Unboxed is a YouTube channel with two people with emails Steve And Team They manage it. Steve and Tim have been collaborating with Tekspot Media for a long time, and Tekspot says it is proud to publish Steve and Tim’s expert opinion on CPUs and GPUs.

Nvidia, the maker of G-Force graphics cards, reserves the right to cooperate only with the experts in question. However, recent developments between Nvidia and Hardware Unboxed, as well as similar ones, raise important questions about the independence of journalism. For example, what does a company like Nvidia expect from experts when it sends its product to neutral experts?

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Tekspat says it has been reviewing products impartially for years and conducting expert reviews. Hardware Unboxed is also very versatile. Hardware Unboxed experts try to inform customers of all aspects of a particular product so that the user understands exactly what he or she is dealing with when purchasing the product.

Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics card from the rear

In today’s market of graphics cards, which includes 350-watt flagships and hardware beam tracking technology and weird cooling systems, media like Hardware Unboxed have a lot to look for. Finally, however, all those interested in buying a graphics card want to know the answer to a question: How do games run on special hardware?

Given the fact that 99% of Steam platform games are based solely on raster rendering systems, raster performance has been and will be an important point in Hardware Unboxed reviews. Beam tracking technology is becoming more important over time. AMD in ninth generation consoles PlayStation 5 And Xbox X Series And Series S. It uses special hardware components to intercept the beam to provide a more enjoyable visual experience for the user.

For those who have experienced gaming with ninth-generation consoles, Spiderman: Miles Morales on the PlayStation 5 and Forza Motorsport on the Xbox X-Series and S-Series have great graphics performance, according to those. Although even thanks to features such as DLSS, the way games work has not yet come to fruition, the Cyberpunk 2077 delivers stunning effects from the next generation of gaming on PCs.

However, most games (almost all RTX games) are built using rendering systems. Suppose a graphics card has a large chip dedicated to radiation tracking technology. This hypothetical graphics card will perform Quake II RTX perfectly, no more.

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Beam tracking should definitely have a special place in advanced graphics card review articles; However, there are still not many games with beam tracking enough to persuade experts to focus on the technology and replace it with a raster function. Gamers rely more on raster performance when playing the game, and if the experts focus on beam tracking, they have done something wrong. For this reason, Nvidia’s excuse for boycotting Hardware Unboxed media seems strange.

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Brian Del Rizzo, Nvidia’s chief public relations officer, sent an email to Hardware Unboxed saying Nvidia attaches great importance to beam tracking; But Unboxed Hardware reviews of GPUs focus on separate raster performance, and the media has largely taken all the other technologies out of the equation that Nvidia offers gamers.

Takspat media expert, who is upset with the way Nvidia reacts, finds the statement ironic and unpleasant, and says that 48 hours after the email, ‌ received good news from Hardware Unboxed. Nvidia has reportedly apologized to Hardware Unboxed in a new email and backed down.

Also keep in mind that following the media release of Nvidia’s first email for Hardware Unboxed, there was a lot of support for Hardware Unboxed on Twitter, and perhaps without this support, Nvidia would never have given up on its decision.

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