One Night in Miami movie review from reputable sites around the world

Regina King’s new drama One Night in Miami was recently released in US theaters and received rave reviews from critics.

One Night in Miami is one of Amazon Studios’ latest drama films, made by the talented actress and director Regina King. This is King’s first feature film to be directed alone. Among the works of this artist can be seen in the movie If Beale Street Could Talk (If Bill Street could talk), film Planes: Fire & Rescue (Aircraft: Fire and Rescue), serial The Good Doctor, Shameless, This Is Us (This is us), serial Watchmen (Guardians), serial Seven Seconds (Seven seconds) and other works Cited. In The Night in Miami, popular actors such as Kingsley Ben-Adir as Malcolm X, Ellie Gore as Muhammad Ali, Aldis Hodge as Jim Brown, Leslie Edom Jr. as Sam Cook, Lance Radick as Karim’s brother, Nicole Robinson as Barbara Cook, Michael Emprioli as Angelo Dundee and Bo Bridges as Mr. Carlton and others.

The film One Night in Miami premiered on September 7 (September 17) at the Venice Film Festival, one of the largest film festivals in the world. The film was scheduled to be released on December 25 in select US cinemas. Because Amazon Studios intends to broadcast the movie One Night in Miami on January 15, 2021 (December 26, 1399) on the Amazon Prime streaming service. So far, the drama has received a score of 80 out of 22 film and series reviews on the Metacritic site. The script for this work was written by Camp Powers. Camp Powers based the script on a play he himself called One Night in Miami Had arranged, wrote. Jess Woo Calder, Keith Calder and Judy Klein were also involved in the production. The film received a wide range of reviews, most of which were in the high and medium sections. Most critics who watched the film praised the acting of the cast, the King’s directing style, and the script.. On the other hand, 140 critics of Raton Tomitoz, who watched this drama, had different opinions about it and scored an overall score of 97%.

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Since One Night in Miami has been shown in theaters across the United States for some time, reputable and popular international film and series review sites have published their reviews and ratings for the film. In the following, we will have an overview of the review of the movie One Night in Miami from the perspective of the world’s reputable sites; But before that, you can also read the synopsis of this released film:

On an incredible night in 1964, four iconic figures from sports, music and other activities came together to celebrate one of the biggest breakthroughs in boxing history. No one could believe when Cassius Kelly (who was to be named Muhammad Ali in the near future) defeated his heavyweight champion, Sunny Liston, in the Miami Convention Hall; Because no one expected that to happen. After the match, Cassius Kelly and three of his friends, Malcolm X, Sam Cook and Jim Brown, perpetuated the event.

The main characters of One Night in Miami on the street

Now let’s take a look at the reviews of One Night in Miami:

Joe Lipst | Conceivance of Sound

100 out of 100

Regina King began her directing career with a calm and thought-provoking work; A work filled with various and powerful references to race, responsibility, as well as revolution; Things that are both timely and fun.

کات اربلند | Indywire

91 out of 100

One Night in Miami impresses the audience very much. This work, while enjoyable, often shows with various events what makes a person extraordinary; Even when the world is not ready for such people. I hope the world is ready to see what King has made.

Owen Gliberman | Variety

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90 out of 100

King turns One Night in Miami into a real movie. The film is full of fascinating visual effects, and the emotional excitement is lively.

The main characters of One Night in Miami in a restaurant

Tiffany Chubanian | Movie Threat

85 out of 100

One can be sure that the movie One Night in Miami will cause more discussions and conversations; Things that bring us closer than ever to true equality, justice, respect and understanding for all.

Jake Cole | Slant Magazine

75 out of 100

On the one hand, the film seeks to show how such important cultural figures appear in a political minefield and what their activities are. But this is no reason at all to shift your focus from the characters as “individuals” and ignore this issue.

Katie Rife | EV Club

75 out of 100

As would be expected from a film based on a play and directed by a famous actor, acting and conversation are the main driving force behind the film.

Peter Bardshaw | The Guardian

60 out of 100

A cinematic work that is both fascinating and has a great soul.

Finally, as a conclusion, One Night in Miami has received scores that make it a very good, engaging and entertaining work; So if by reading the introduction of this post and the comments of critics, you feel that this work is in accordance with your taste, then we recommend you to watch it to you good users of Zomji.

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