One of the major Avengers in the Avengers comic book series hosted Phoenix

Since the Phoenix force is still roaming freely on planet Earth, it recently selected a symbolic member of the Avengers as its host and transferred its power to him.

Warning: Continuation of this article may reveal parts of the story of episode 20 of the Avengers comic book series.




The Phoenix force has a long history of linking itself to mutant hosts on Earth to bring its fiery potential into these hosts. He is a powerful creature who can bring about catastrophic destruction or the rebirth of a miracle. This cosmic creature was often associated with members of the X-Men team. But for some time now, the Phoenix Force has been playing a major role in the Avengers comic book series and their latest adventure; That is after the recent confrontation of the members of this superhero team with the ancient god of Egyptian revenge, namely Kanshu. The most powerful heroes of the earth went to Suj Land in the 40th episode of their series, following the Phoenix force.

But at the same time, one of them became the new and, of course, surprising host of this cosmic being; This member is none other than Captain America. The Phoenix force remained mysteriously on Earth after leaving its previous host, Moon Knight, and was revived inside a volcano on a remote island. When members of the Avengers team went there to investigate the incident, they hoped to contain the destroyer. But nearby they were attacked by Nimour; He led his own rival team, the Defenders of the Deep, which consisted of aquatic heroes.

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Become Captain America Phoenix and receive the Phoenix Force

The same clashes woke Phoenix’s force and caused him to fly to Sugeland; Where he met Dr. Doom. In this encounter, Dr. II was able to absorb some of Phoenix’s cosmic power, and then acquired a fiery appearance that matched that power. When Doom desperately sought a way to seize all of Phoenix power, the cosmic creature decided to look for a host who could challenge Dr. Doom. Since Captain America was the closest avenger to the affair, he recruited the rest of the Phoenix force to confront the second, which had gained much power; In the same process, he himself underwent many changes.

The second, who struggled non-stop, realized that the Phoenix force was keeping Steve Rogers alive, and that it didn’t matter what damage he did to him during the fight. Realizing that this battle for complete control of that cosmic being was of no use, the latter decided to abandon the struggle. This was while Steve himself entered a strange realm in which several former avengers, along with other Marvel heroes and villains, were present; Those who were apparently invited to a contest to determine who could take over the Phoenix force in the end. In the past, Phoenix power was only associated with mutants.

Captain America becomes host to Phoenix with Dr. Doom

Among these mutants is Jane Gray. During the event between the Avengers and the X-Men team, the Phoenix force split between the five hosts; Those who called themselves the Phoenix Five and tried to reshape the world to their favorite image. Among the five was Neymour, who soon formed a rivalry with the Black Panthers. He was trying to reach that level of power after experiencing a bit of that absolute power in that crossover event in 2012. Similarly, when the Phoenix force returned to Earth, it once again formed that old animosity with the Avengers.

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While the current status of the heroes is still a cosmic mystery, it seems that the Phoenix force is considering the most powerful heroes on Earth, as well as their allies, to choose one of them as its new host. During this time, Tchala had the opportunity to associate with this fiery creature and taste some of this power. On the other hand, when Marvel released a synopsis of the series and images of it, it revealed that several members of the Avengers were set to join Phoenix during the race and test some of his power.

In the past, when the Phoenix force allied with heroic characters such as Jane Gray, Cyclops, and Neymour, it forced them to do evil deeds; Therefore, subsequent hosts may also suffer from this condition. Therefore, they must have a lot of heart power like Captain America to be able to prevent such things from happening as well as becoming a Dark Phoenix.

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