Pars Server Solutions to Save Businesses from Corona Crisis

During the Corona epidemic, many businesses were shut down completely; But some businesses that were already prepared for unforeseen events not only did not close down, they became much better known and their sales and visits increased.

These businesses have not stopped operating through the launch of websites and online stores, even on a smaller scale in virtual networks, and have remained steadily competitive in the market and continue to sell and generate revenue.

In this article, prepared and prepared by Sarpars Pars, web and domain hosting services, we have collected the results of reviewing the activities of online stores in the past year and useful solutions for transferring your business from the store and shop to the World Wide Web and launching the site. You are presented.

Tools needed for internet business

In the following, you will get acquainted with the products that you need to set up a website, including various types of domains, hosts and servers, security certificates, dedicated server builders of Serverpars, etc., so that if you decide to launch a website introducing products or an online store You should be familiar with the necessary tools.


The first step in launching a website is choosing a domain name. As mentioned in the article “8 smart tips for choosing a domain name” in the Serverpars blog section, the domain name and its extension are very important and vital. For this reason, when a user searches for specific products on the Internet, if the domain name is not associated with that product, your domain will be difficult to find in the user search, or if a domain is found in the user search, its unrelated to the products will surprise and In many cases, it causes distrust of the user.

So in the first step, choose a suitable domain name. After selecting the domain name, you can choose the appropriate extension for your field of work from about 270 domain extensions by referring to the list of domains available on the Serverpars site.


If you have designed your personal template and site and you are ready to upload it, you need a virtual space called host to access the site on the Internet. After uploading site information and hosting and domain connections through NameServer, you can access your site through the selected domain address.

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In Sarvarpars company, all kinds of hosts have been prepared according to the needs of your site. Linux and Windows hosting, WordPress hosting and popular hosting are among the hosting provided by Serverpars company.

One of the features of Linux hosting is the cPanel control panel. This control panel on the host is very simple and practical and the settings can be done easily. KeepAlive, Apache web server, weekly backup of site information, Add domain and Park domain are other benefits of Serverpars Linux hosts.

If you need a more advanced and powerful plan for your site, you can use professional Linux hosting. In addition to its similarities to Linux hosting, benefits such as LiteSpeed ​​web server, daily backup, and free SSL security certification are included in some plans for professional Linux hosting.

Due to the increasing use of webmasters of the WordPress management system, Serverpars Company has provided suitable hosting with the WordPress system. In WordPress hosting, the WordPress management system pre-installed on the host, the special WordPress configuration, the use of the NVME hard drive, the weekly backup, and the LiteSpeed ​​web server make a difference to the other hosts provided.

If visiting your site consumes processing resources such as Ram and Cpu, or in other words, your site has a very high traffic, you can use pre-configured and embedded hosts called high-traffic hosts and worry about traffic consumption and Suspend Do not become your site.


website builder

In the second step, you need a template that fits your field of work. If you are not familiar with the design of the website, you can easily design and run your site using the site builder of Sarvarpars Company without the need for coding along with the user interface. You can also use the free version for 3 months and get acquainted with the environment of this site builder.

One of the advantages of Sarvarpars site builder is more than 200 templates available in this section, where you can choose your desired template according to your type of work activity, and in the design section, do the site layout with photos designed by you to suit your taste. .

Installing and setting up an online store along with adding an online payment gateway is another advantage of this site builder, and you can easily set up your own store along with introducing your products and services.

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SSL Security Certificate

By entering the address of a domain and requesting access to the content of that website through the browser, information is exchanged between the user’s computer (Client) and the hardware on which the site is located (Server). To prevent access to this information during transmission, security must be ensured. SSL or Secure Socket Layer is used to secure and protect information.

SSL Certificate is a web standard for encrypting information between a user and a website. In other words, the SSL protocol is used to provide a secure connection between the web server and the browser. The information exchanged by an SSL connection is encoded and sent, thus protecting the information during the transfer between the user and the web server of the site in question.

The SSL security certificate is divided into two categories: non-corporate DV and corporate OV. Non-organizational SSL certificate is used for individuals and some companies and OV certificate can be used for organizations and companies.

Depending on your site type, there are several SSL certificates that you can use to activate and increase the security of your site. The benefits of an SSL certificate include the following:

  • Establish a secure connection between users and your site
  • Website security with HTTPS protocol
  • Protect the data being exchanged with the data encryption algorithm
  • Increase the website ranking in Google search engine
  • Receive a 2-star trust symbol from the Ministry of Industry and Mines
  • Prevent Internet Scams and Phishing

You can refer to the list of SSL security certificates of Sarvarpars Company, get acquainted with the types of these certificates and proceed to purchase the appropriate and desired certificate.

the end

Finally, on behalf of Serverpars, we hope to save your business from shutting down in the critical condition of the Corona virus, and by explaining the services provided by this collection, you can significantly increase your traffic and sales by launching a site and online store. .

You can also consult with our partners in the sales department to purchase services and benefit from technical support services 24 hours a day.

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