Phil Spencer: Bethesda will play a very important role in the development of the Xbox

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer said in a recent interview that he was pleased with Bethesda’s acquisition and said the studio would play a key role in the Xbox’s future.

If you’ve been following Zumji and video game industry news, you probably know about Microsoft’s recent move, which has become one of the most surprising and important events of 2020. A few months ago, Microsoft suddenly unveiled a formal deal with Zenmix (Bethesda’s parent company) to buy it for $ 7 billion.

But in the latest game news, Phil Spencer has made some interesting remarks in a recent interview about Bethesda takeover and its role in the future of the Xbox. Announcing that the legal process for the acquisition of Xenimax will be finalized in 2021, he confirmed that at the moment, Microsoft will not interfere in the development of current Bethesda projects. In part of the interview, Spencer also described the huge $ 7 billion contract as lucrative.

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The Xbox Director considers Bethesda’s role in the development and future of the Xbox to be crucial. He is looking forward to the official start of cooperation with Zenmix as a single company and added that in the case of introduced projects such as Starfield and The Elder Scrolls IV and the projects that have not been announced yet are very exciting.

Phil Spencer believes Bethesda Gaming Studio can add a lot of value to Xbox First Party Studios and have a significant impact on them. He added that he is very excited about 2021 and that Bethesda is an extremely important part of it.

Now we have to wait and see what changes this big collaboration will make in Bethesda’s policy in the end, and whether the old fans of this studio should only have one of the Microsoft platforms to experience the new games or not? Please share your opinions and predictions with us in this regard.

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