Photorum has released an app to remove background images

Photorum is a French startup that runs an application of the same name for editing images. The Photorum app, which is now available for Android in addition to iOS, has a number of features, including the ability to remove backgrounds from images; Of course, with the difference that most of the steps are done by artificial intelligence.

In fact, the Photorum app allows novice users to make professional edits to various images. In addition to the ability to delete the background of images, Photorum allows users to change it, apply various filters and even edit the image.

Officials of the startup Futurum have explained about the success of their application, that Futurum has become a tool for retailers and activists in the field of fashion and clothing. In fact, sellers can increase the quality of content for social networks and also promote their products more attractively by applying various edits to the images. In addition to retailers, many users use Photorum to edit their images.

Futurum is a subscription fee, and users must pay $ 49.9 a month or $ 46.99 a year to use the app’s services. Technically, Photorum uses machine learning technology to distinguish between image subjects. Using this feature, the user can separate a specific part of the image and use it in another image.

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If you want to use the Futurum app, you can go to the Play Store page (for Android) via this link and to the Future app page (for iOS) via this link. If you use the mentioned application, share your opinions with other members of Zomit and express your satisfaction.

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