Preliminary results of the AirPad Max autopsy released by iFixit

Recently, Apple unexpectedly introduced the Airpod Max headphones. Priced at $ 549, Cupertino’s first headphone jack incorporates two H1 chips for audio processing and more flexibility in audio playback, and uses a total of 9 microphones to remove active noise and clarity of audio content. Other specifications of these headphones include 40 mm dynamic drivers, replaceable magnetic pads and 20 hours of charging.

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Yesterday, iFixit reviewed and dissected Apple’s powerful and, of course, expensive headphones. This review is more of a glimpse into the internal components of the headphones, and it is said that a full review will be released in the coming days.

According to iFixit experts, the AirPad Max’s components are a little harder to disassemble than other headphones. iFixit uses X-rays to capture the internal components of the AirPad Max, which indicates that the Apple headphones have two battery cells, both in the same air cup. Soldered connections are said to be present near batteries; But iFixit has not yet found connectors for easy battery replacement.

Apple used screws to secure the speaker units and glue to attach parts; So iFixit has to use heat to open the headphones to access other parts, and the AirPad Max apparently does not open as easily as other headphones around the phone. Below you can see pictures of the internal components of the AirPad Max, including the Bluetooth chip, sound amplifier, accelerometer, etc.

AirPad Max / iFixit autopsy

iFixit does not ultimately provide a score for the repairability of the AirPad Max; But it is said that in the coming days, the results of the comprehensive review and its final score will be published.

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