Probably will not be news of Nioh’s new game for a long time

The director of the Nioh game series recently said in an interview that no new game from the series is currently under construction and that in 2021 they will focus on other projects.

There are many games that have been produced with the Souls-like style action-role-playing formula and have tried to implement their unique methods on this style. The two versions of Nioh are one of the most interesting and challenging works in this genre.

The creator of these two games is the studio Team Ninja, The focus was more on the specific combat and battle systems of the game. These games were very successful both in terms of critics and revenue, and they provided content to the players after a lot of releases. The series seems to be nearing the end of its run.

The Japanese magazine Famitsu interviewed a number of different Japanese game developers to conclude the year 2020, and one of them is the director of both Nioh games, namely Fuhiko Yasuda (Fuihiko Yasuda). Although Yasuda did not explicitly say that the series was completely finished, he said that after almost a decade of working on the game series, the series is nearing its break point. He also noted that several projects will soon be fully developed next year, and that his key word for 2021 is “transformation.” Yasuda said about this:

Nioh game development has reached its resting point after 7 years in the Ninja Team studio, and there are several projects whose construction process will begin in 2021. I plan to change my development style to fit my current lifestyle and focus on new works. “I will personally try not to gain weight anymore.”

Nioh is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC and Nioh 2 is available on PlayStation 4 and the latest expansion pack will be released soon. Nioh 2 will be released for PC next year, as well as two games next year Nioh Remastered: The Complete Edition and Nioh 2 Remastered: The Complete Edition will also be available for the PlayStation 5.

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