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Bomb Chicken Mod Apk Download Free | Bomb Chicken is a very beautiful and interesting pixel action game with elements of classic arcade and platformer games


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Bomb Chicken Mod

The Bomb Chicken is a very beautiful and interesting pixel action game with elements of classic arcade and platformer games, which has been produced and released at a relatively high price of $ 6.49.
Bomb Chicken was first released in 2018 as an exclusive game for the Nintendo Switch platform, and a year later it was released for home computers (PC and Mac) as well as the PlayStation 4 console.
The high popularity of this game caused Nitrome to expand this game and develop its special version for Xbox One.

Bomb Chicken Mod Apk Download

Google Play
The move coincided with the release of a remastered version of the game for mobile operating systems, Android and iOS, on the first day of April 2020, and now Bomb Chicken is available for almost all game platforms and consoles, including the operating system. Popular Android is available.

Bomb chicken mod

Bomb Chicken Mod Apk game features:

  • Fun and addictive gameplay.
  • Ability to run offline and without Internet access.
  • Pixel-style graphics.
  • Ability to dig and destroy to discover new places

Game Play

Bomb Chicken tells a simple, humorous and, of course, epic story.
The chicken that suddenly hatches and finds itself in a fast food factory is known for its blue sauces and fried chicken.
Our protagonist has acquired a strange ability due to the strange mutations that took place in him!
This ability is to drop a bomb instead of a normal egg!
Now he decides to run away from this factory before he becomes food like other chickens and roosters and take revenge on the enemies who turn chickens into food!
By swiping your finger to the left, you can move this funny chicken.

To drop a bomb, you have to hit the chicken itself and quickly move away from that place, otherwise the chicken itself will be destroyed by the bomb blast.
By bombing, you can destroy enemies or remove obstacles.
But bombing is not just about that!

Bomb chicken
This chicken can’t fly normally, and you often need to climb over the platforms.
In this case, you have to put bombs and put them on top of each other like bricks so that you can reach the desired height.
You can even shoot bombs at your liking so that they can quickly go to the enemies and explode as soon as they hit them!

Bomb chicken mod download
The game is based on the classic titles of the 90’s in the arcade and platformer style, especially the popular and revolutionary Bomberman series of games, and its designs are quite indicative of this. The graphics of the game are pixel and just like retro games.
However, the smooth and soft gameplay of Bomb Chicken will bring you a very attractive experience.

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