Cut And Paint Mod Apk

Cut And Paint Mod Apk Download | Each time you cut and dye the wood, an animal is designed and made to multiply your money


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Cut And Paint Mod Apk

This game is one of the wonderful simulation game designed and developed by MagicLab Game Studio.

This game allows you to cut and scrape wooden blocks to finally create interesting shapes. This way you can sell the shapes you made and earn some money by selling them. There are a variety of attractive colors in the game that you can use to customize any of them to make the final look that is so wonderful. Keep in mind that the most beautiful colors should be reopened with the money you earn.

Cut And Paint Mod Apk

Game features:

  • Simple interface and addictive gameplay
  • Buy newer colors for the money
  • Possibility to sell designed and painted wood
  • There are countless wonderful colors
  • Paint the cut section to create a shape
  • Ability to cut different types of wood

Game Play

Each time you cut and dye the wood, an animal  multiply your money. This simple-looking game lets you entertain your children for a very long time. As you can see, the game is very simple, but it has an addictive gameplay that children can use in their creativity. Apps suggest not to miss the game Cut and Paint.

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