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Nobodies Mod Apk Download | Nobodies – Cleansing Crime Scene is a very exciting and new game with a new and very special idea | Download Mod Apk


Nobodies Mod Apk Download – A Criminal game

Nobodies Mod Apk

The Nobodies – Cleansing Crime Scene is a very exciting and new game with a new and very special idea, produced by the Argentine studio Blyts and released for $ 2.99 for Android phones and tablets.
The ultra-special game is about the very secret and exciting missions of a spy organization that is related to the government of that country, all the members of which work in that organization.

Nobodies Mod Apk Download

Download Mod Apk

There are various missions that want to target and destroy terrorism.
To do this, they must use chemical weapons that could endanger the lives of many people and destroy them.

Features of Nobodies:

  • Having the role of spy
  • Enter the enemy military base
  • Clear information
  • Solve various puzzles and riddles
  • Excellent graphics
  • An detective and action game for Android
  • There are different sources of information at each stage
  • Find the thread at different stages
  • Confront the terrorist team
  • Inspired by real events

nobodies 2.1.1 mod apk

The game’s story idea is something you’ve probably never seen in any other title.
The adventures of this game are related to the secret missions of a state anti-terrorist organization.
During various missions, members of the organization targeted members of a terrorist group called Q100 and secretly killed them all.
The terrorist group has killed and maimed hundreds of people around the world by making and distributing chemical weapons.
These missions take place in different places and now there are dozens, but who are you among them? What is your purpose in these events?

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Game Play Of Nobodies

A person who commits a crime will try to eliminate the effects of the crime and everything that is against him.
In Nobodies, you’re not in the role of a hero, you’re not in the role of an undercover detective, you’re not in the role of a reporter or anything else you can think of!
You are in the role of a cleansing team whose job it is to clear evidence in crime scenes!
Once the agents and killers have destroyed their targets, it’s your turn to hide the bodies and clear the crime scene by destroying the evidence so that no one notices what happened in that place!

nobodies game mod apk
But your work is not so simple. In fact, your main responsibility is two parts.
One is to identify the location of the criminals and terrorists and inform the members of the organization, and the other is to clear the crime scene of any evidence or clues that could indicate the location of the crime.
Your missions all include a variety of puzzles and riddles.
These puzzles may take the form of puzzle games, hidden object stages, or physical puzzles.
Each stage and mission includes several puzzles and different parts.
In fact, you have to solve the puzzles to get to the main part and complete the steps and missions.
But the interesting thing is that each step can be solved in several ways.
According to the game’s creator, each stage has specific mechanisms that can be discovered in different ways and its puzzles can be solved.

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