Release of the stand-alone game Road 96 for Nintendo Switch and PC in 2021

Road 96 adventure game from the independent studio Digixart will be released in 2021 for the Nintendo Switch console. Road 96 is the studio’s third game to date.

Game Lost in Harmony and play 11-11: Memories Retold Both are works that have received special acclaim, both among gamers and among the video game media. As a result, it is not surprising that the third game of their studio has also managed to attract the attention of some players. Road 96 In the adventure genre, the audience is allowed to give the story a twist in different ways. Your decisions have a significant impact on the storytelling of Road 96, and very different storylines can be followed in this Digixart studio.

The story of Road 96 is about the journey of two young people on a road and shows their long walk away from the cities. In Road 96, the gamer is faced with a variety of small and large decisions; From getting in a truck to going to see some of the wildlife or being scared and moving away from that area. Are you following a certain person? Do you want to stand up to a group of abusive people? Each of these decisions affects the formation of the story for the character and the person accompanying him. The new game apparently includes enough!

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Road 96 will be available for the Nintendo Switch console in the second half of this year in addition to personal computers. The developers have promised to release more information about this standalone game in the coming months.

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