Respawn Studio is working on a new game

Rispaun Studios published its list of required jobs a few hours ago, and according to the company’s needs, we should expect a completely new game from this American studio in the future.

If you have experienced at least one of the Apex Legends, Star Wars and Titanfall games today, after a long history of gaming studio You are aware of Respawn Entertainment. If you’ve been following Zomji, you probably know that the American studio has been a huge success in recent years with the release of Apex Legends and its regular support.

Now, about a year after the release of their latest creation, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, according to the latest game news, it seems that Responsive executives are thinking of producing a completely new game.

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It all starts with the fact that the studio has just updated its list of required jobs. According to the information published in the recruitment section, Rispaun Studio needs a software engineer. The explanation is that the person will be added to a small group to develop and build a completely new game. Of course, you should note that so far no specific information and details of this project have been leaked.

Since the members of this studio are currently working on producing additional content for the game Apex Legends as well as developing the Fallen Order sequel, we have to wait and see what will be the product of the new recipe of Respona? Please share your opinions and predictions in this field with us.

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