Revealed images of Lego products for Eternals show the leader of the Celestial group

Recently, images of Lego products for Eternals have been revealed, showing scenes from the leader of the Celestial group to the Eternals spaceship and the film’s struggles.

The outbreak of the Corona virus led to its release Eternals is a year behind, and now the film is expected to be released on Marvel 5 on November 5, 2021. Now in the latest Movie and TV news, Pictures of Lego exclusive products for the Eternals movie have been revealed, which contain some interesting points. Although Lego products are not necessarily based on the story and events of a movie and may be completely irrelevant, the recently leaked images contain interesting points such as the Ethernals fighting the Deviant leader on the spaceship, or in another image Arishem, the group leader. See Celestial:

However, Arishem’s appearance is slightly different from his first appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy, and it remains to be seen in the final version how different the two versions will be. These images also show that the Deviants are more like monsters, and at least here they will not have a human-like appearance, in which case we should probably see the widespread use of special effects to design and create this evil group. Of course, I emphasize again that these images are not necessarily to reveal the appearance or the whole of the Deviant group or even part of the film, and in the end we may see a completely different version in the film.

Richard Madon In the role of Icarus, Angelina Jolie In the role of Tina, جما چان In the role of Cersei, Kamil Nanjiani In the role of Kingo, Selma Hayek In the role of Ajk, Lauren Ridloff In the role of Macri, Brian Tire Art In the role of Faustus, Leah McHugh In the role of Sprite, Dan Lee In the role of Gilgamesh, Barry Kyogen In the role of Drewig and Kate Harrington In the role of Dean Whitman (Black Knight), they are among the actors who have appeared in the movie Eternals and have played roles. Chloe Zhao, He has directed The Rider and Nomadland, directing Eternals.

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