Review of Yuri on Ice anime; A work for sports anime lovers

  • Persian name: Yuri on ice
  • Authors: Sayo Yamamoto and Mitsurō Kubo
  • Genre: sports, comedy and competition
  • Directors: Sayo Yamamoto and Jun Shishido
  • Product of MAPPA Studio
  • Number of episodes: 12 episodes
  • Average duration of episodes: 23 minutes
  • Age category: PG-13


Yuri Katsuki Once considered Japan’s greatest hope for a medal at the Figure Skating World Championships, he faces a severe defeat at the age of 23. Some say that after the defeat, Yuri will have to say goodbye to professional sports and admit that he never has a chance to win top positions. However, Yuri’s lifestyle and many of his personal interests also suggest that he may have no chance of returning to his heyday. Yuri thinks to himself that maybe he should admit that he ruined the main night. So he misses the opportunity to make amends.

But while Yuri himself apparently has no hope of returning, an event reminds everyone how important Yuri was as an athlete. It is as if the world is standing up to Yuri and telling him that he must take the competition seriously again. The story becomes even stranger when the sports legend Yuri says that he is ready to train this boy and take him to the highest positions.

Yet as Yuri Katsuki progresses and approaches the good days, Yuri Pleistsky It also moves on the ice brighter every day. It seems that he can not be stopped and Yuri Japan is leading a very hard battle. The two, who of course face another big rival, are approaching the main competition step by step; To win the most valuable medal, perform the best and most dazzling movements while ice skating.

A boy with a heart-shaped mouth and silver hair laughing in the anime Yuri on Ice

Yuri !!! on Ice is full of visual and content exaggerations of Japanese anime. So most audiences can enjoy knowing and liking the specific art styles of the anime world.

MAPPA Studios, best known for its Terror in Resonance anime and more importantly for being part of the Attack on Titan anime production team, never produced a special episode or season for the Yuri on Ice anime. For this reason, the audience does not have to work hard to see the anime “Yuri on Ice” and only has to watch a chapter consisting of 12 parts; Good entertainment that takes up just over four hours of audience time. Of course we know that Yuri is a cinematic anime !!! on Ice the Movie: Ice Adolescence is currently under construction and will be presented to fans on an unknown date.

Do not forget that “Yuri on Ice” is an original anime and the manga Yuri on Ice Side Story: Welcome to the Madness was created after the release of the original anime and by the anime screenwriter Mitsuro Kobo. As a result, whether or not to read it depends solely on the taste of the audience and their interest in the world of Japanese manga.

Perhaps the only thing that should be reminded to all viewers is that the Yuri anime !!! on Ice takes full advantage of the exaggerations of the anime world; Exaggerations that appeal to many anime lovers and are great both in creating emotional moments and in creating comedy situations. But without a doubt, they make sure that the work in question does not enter the lists that introduce attractive animes to enter the world of anime.

Admittedly, many viewers who are only accustomed to the usual live-action movies and Western animations guard against the amount of visual and non-visual exaggeration of some anime storytelling. So if you go to Yuri !!! When you go on Ice, first make sure that you are ready to welcome the various dimensions of the art form and its storytelling with open arms.

Serious and determined face of a character in a black dress in the anime Yuri on Ice

Almost all sports and competition-oriented works are subject to a popular stereotype; The beginning of the character’s story from nothing or his absolute or relative victory or victory at the end of the story. It seems that the most important expectation of the audience from such serials and movies is that they portray a heartwarming victory at the end of a difficult path. If they do not, they will always be cursed by some. A clear example of the issue under discussion is the movie Million Dollar Baby Clint Eastwood With lasting shine Hilary Swank God knows that every year, with that nail-biting ending, he admires several people and boils the blood of several people.

The Yuri On Ice anime is great in introducing the main characters and the contrasting relationships between each of them. But unfortunately it does not pay the same attention to different aspects of the story and this makes it more predictable.

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The audience is so familiar with sports works that they are almost always predictable for the general public. If the story starts with a defeat, it probably ends with a victory. If the main character has nothing at the beginning of the story, he will probably achieve everything by winning the title at the end. If he is successful and proud from the beginning, he will fall hard in the middle of the story, and then he will succeed again with better morals at the end of the story. It does not matter in what medium we are watching sports-competitive works; The result is almost always predictable. Yuri on Ice has completely embraced these stereotypes and from now on almost all of its key moments are predictable.

But what can take such works beyond the audience’s expectation is the understanding of the characters’ feelings by you and me. Storytelling can always seem appealing at the height of its predictability, if it is based on detailed and tangible characters. Because when we care about the people in the story, we also like to see their relatively repetitive and familiar story. Just as when you are interested in the protagonist, you easily get involved in the suspensions of the story as much as possible. Because if the person at risk is important enough to you, cutting off his or her finger with paper can also be painful.

Two hilarious rivals chasing each other in the anime Yuri on Ice

In view of all the above, we should be happy that the characterization of Yuri Katsuki can be considered one of the strongest strengths of the Yuri on Ice anime. The creator spends so much time creating different parts of the protagonists’ lives that while the lead is clear, the audience cares about Yuri following it. We communicate with him and get to know his life. As a result, we would like to encourage his efforts to succeed as soon as possible.

The series repeatedly establishes complex and significant relationships between different characters and takes the story in a complex direction. But unfortunately, in most cases, all this work is done only momentarily, and when the viewer is affected by the overall picture formed by the storyteller, he sees that all the characters are in two main and sub-groups. With the explanation that the sub-characters always remain superficial and enter the center of attention only as much as the story needs, and then go to the margins as much as necessary. It gets worse when you know that the main characters are practically just one-sided characters, which means that Yuri on Ice misses a tremendous opportunity to tell the story from several angles. To put it better, for example, if the audience had the opportunity to get to know the two sides of the main competition well, they might end up noticing the repetitive nature of the story and constantly wondering which people they would like to see won.

As mentioned, most of us know that turning a competitor into an enemy has many fans among viewers of sports-competitive works. That’s why Yuri on Ice, despite approaching to break this stereotype a few times in an admirable way, eventually follows it. Many audiences forget that clichés became clichés because one day everyone realized that they were really great at doing their job of getting the viewer’s attention!

The very different way the story looks at its main and sub-characters makes its clichéd nature more visible. The audience understands that the creator constantly, in any way possible, only emphasizes the point of view of the main characters and thinks of their greater success.

Scared glasses boy and his angry friend in the competition hall in the anime Yuri on Ice

The viewer, who is looking for an exciting, emotional and energetic story about someone not trying to reach the goal, enjoys Yuri on Ice. Because minus the aforementioned flaws, this anime goes smoothly and always knows what it wants to take advantage of each of its minutes. The huge sales over the years in different parts of the world and having a significant number of loyal fans also prove that Yuri on Ice has managed to entertain just a large percentage of viewers.

The comedy sequences and emotional moments of the work each in turn have a good effect on the audience.

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“Yuri on Ice” is a different reading of a popular and engaging story that revolves around theatrical skating. So even most viewers who recognize the presence of duplicate elements in Yuri on Ice from the first episode have a significant chance of having fun with it for once. It should not be forgotten that the series is really bravely and cleverly designed in its romantic and emotional parts, and ironically, it challenges many thoughtful red lines. More interestingly, the presence of numerous and attractive jokes in different parts of the work does not work without serious or emotional moments. Such a good thing only happens when the directing team knows exactly what tone it creates for its work and how it shifts between different ways of telling the story in different sequences.

Anime Yuri on Ice and Victor Gold Medal at the World Skating Championships

The same remarkable energy can be found in directing the work and its various audio and video aspects; From music that blends with the events of the story and enhances the appeal of many of the sequences to the magnificent images of ice dancing that enter the world of anime with maximum detail and caress the eyes. The Yuri on Ice anime not only has a flawless audio-visual rhythm, but also makes good use of the weird tools of the Japanese anime world. Why? Because most of their components go well together; So that the mind of the audience is not able to examine them separately. As a result, even the strangest appearance of a small humanoid version of the character in the image will not bother the target audience. Because it does not enter the anime just for fun and playfulness, and the creator quickly turns it into one of the levers of his product comedy.

If you are deeply interested in seeing the story of an athlete trying to achieve real victory and escape from defeat and you want to know that athlete well in different aspects of the story, Yuri on Ice can be fun and even energizing. With the help of this anime, perhaps a significant number of viewers will get to know and even become interested in show skating for the first time.

But the amount of attention received by this anime sometimes misleads some people, and it can not be denied that if we go to Yuri on Ice with excessive expectations, we may be overwhelmed and hit the hard and cold surface of the ice with our brains. Yuri on Ice goes beyond the boundaries set for its subgenre in a few limited sequences. But for most seconds, it sounds exactly as repetitive and heartwarming as you’d expect from a sports and competition-oriented comedy.

Anya playing chess in the series Gambi Wazir

The Queen’s Gambit miniseries

Among the anime of the land of the shining sun, there are many works such as Haikyuu anime, Kuroko’s Basketball anime, Free! Found Iwatobi Swim Club, the Big Windup anime, the Captain Tsubasa anime, and the Yowamushi Pedal anime, all of which are popular and brilliant; Works that take the audience to the heart of sports competitions and even make them fall in love with some of these sports. They tell stories in different styles and sometimes appear very emotional and shocking. Because they actually confront many viewers with new activities and use this platform to give important messages to him. The bottom line is that we can always make a long list of top Japanese sports anime and say why each one is so popular and really worth watching.

But in this article, instead of introducing each of them, Zumji goes to Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit series, which is undoubtedly one of the best dramas of 2020; A competitive sports work that in the best possible way made many audiences fall in love with chess and tells the story of an orphan genius.

The Queen’s Gambit invests well in a gray protagonist and, like Yuri on Ice, sees her inner and emotional concerns as inseparable from her quest for victory. This work, which broke many records in various ways, was inspired by Banoo. Anya Taylor-Joy It engages you with a tangible story, and you have to admit that it does a lot of the job done by anime like Yuri on Ice. So even if you are an audience that only loves anime and is not interested in Western TV, give The Queen’s Gambit a chance. Because by watching the seven episodes, you will definitely not waste your valuable free time.

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