Roscasmus director taunts SpaceX: Can you retrieve a 50-degree missile in negative weather?

On Friday, the Soyuz rocket was launched from the Vostochny space base in Russia, carrying its payload of 36 Vanoob satellites into space. Although Russia’s newest space center is located in the Far East, it is still hundreds of kilometers from the Pacific Ocean; This means that Soyuz missiles fired from the base land on the sparsely populated area of ​​Yaqutistan.

In the Soyuz rocket, four boosters are used as the first stage and are detached approximately two minutes after takeoff. Then, the second stage, following the flight, falls to the ground. Although the Yakutia region is geographically uneven and sparsely populated, the Russian government has created special areas for the collapse of the Soyuz phases and kept them away from residential areas. In Friday’s launch, Soyuz returned safely to the ground.

However, according to images and videos released from the recent launch operation on Twitter and Facebook، Dmitry Ragozin, The director of the Russian Space Agency, apparently can not stop mocking SpaceX. In his Facebook post, Ragozin referred to Boka Chika, the maker of the prototype prototype Martian rocket, and asked whether the SpaceX would be able to work as hard as Russian specialists in harsh conditions. Ragozin wrote on Facebook:

This is not Bukachika, but Yaqutistan in winter. The team in the crash site of the second phase of the Vanoob mission was deployed two days before the launch yesterday. The temperature is minus 52 degrees. I wonder if SpaceX Latif can work in such a situation?

As some users wrote in response to Ragozin, the funny thing is that “gentle” SpaceX engineers do not need to work in too cold weather to recover their missiles, and have built smarter missiles for this purpose. SpaceX has designed the Falcon 9 rocket in such a way that the first stage of landing for future use relies on drones, and the second stage returns to the atmosphere and burns in it.

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In addition, SpaceX in Boccaccia is trying to build a fully reusable missile. This new system consists of Superhero as the first stage and Starship as the second stage, and both can be recovered and reused. Also, although the temperature in South Texas rarely drops below zero, it exceeds 37 degrees Celsius during the summer and when the company’s engineers are working around the clock.

Raguzin has had a bad year and his frustration with SpaceX is understandable. As the Falcon 9 continues to attract customers for commercial launches and divert them from the Russian Proton rocket, the Cru Dragon SpaceX capsule has ended NASA’s reliance on the Soyuz spacecraft to transport its astronauts to the International Space Station. Of course, Ragozin always denies the impact of these changes. In any case, it is clear that the success of SpaceX “Latif”, the director of the Russian Space Agency, has greatly hurt.

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