Sales of more than 300 million personal computers in 2020

Many people believe that smartphones, especially iPhones, have put an end to the PC era. In 2008, PC sales reached 300 million units; But then that number dropped to 250 million units in 2019.

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The spread of the Corona virus posed many challenges and changed the market conditions for personal computers. Analysts had predicted that the personal computer market would grow by 15% year-on-year and could see sales of 300 million PCs by 2020.

Many factors led to the growth of the personal computer market. Staff, students, and students needed a new desktop or laptop to work from home, and this high demand reduced the availability of computer components worldwide. Parts companies faced a lot of demand and had to supply parts faster.

Analysts now predict that the PC market will grow in 2021, with many companies trying to replace their old computer systems with new ones that have better cameras, better speakers, and 5G.

Analysts say the increase in demand will increase the number of tablets and active PCs to 1.77 billion by 2021. This number had reached 1.64 billion devices in 2019.

Under these circumstances, it should be said that the rumor of the death of a personal computer does not become true at the moment.

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