Samsung deletes post that made fun of Apple for removing iPhone 12 charger

User reviews show that Samsung recently deleted a post in which it mocked Apple for removing the charger from the box of the iPhone 12 series phones. Recent rumors suggest that the Korean company intends to make a similar decision for the Galaxy S21 family of phones. The post in question was published in late September of this year by the Caribbean branch of Samsung’s Facebook account, in which we saw a picture of a charger, and the caption of the post mentioned the presence of a charger in the box of Galaxy series phones.

Apple's sneer at Samsung for removing charger from iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 box

This Samsung post, which was posted on Facebook, has now been deleted so that rumors about the removal of the charger from the box of the Galaxy S21 become hotter.

This is not the first time that Samsung has removed its mockery and post on social media after mocking Apple. When the Galaxy Note 10 was released without a headphone jack, Samsung deleted a promotional video in which it mocked Apple for not having a headphone jack on the iPhone 10. Samsung after the introduction of the Galaxy Note 10, explained That’s why he removed the headphone jack. However, deleting a post that dates back just a few months does not bode well for Samsung.

Apple announced at the time of the introduction of the iPhone 12 series that it would remove the charger from the box to protect the environment, and we anticipate that Samsung will make the S21 available in the box without a charger by making a similar claim. Despite the margins that Samsung’s post on Facebook will follow, we end up expecting less criticism from Samsung for removing the charger from the box.

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When Apple removed the charger, it also changed the cable that came with the phone. Almost all previous iPhone series phones come with an adapter USB-A was introduced, but the cable inside the iPhone 12 box was a USB-C to Lightning converter. Apple removed the charger with the “everyone in the house has a charger” logic, but the use of USB-C to Lightning cable greatly questioned this logic; Because almost all previous iPhone adapters are not compatible with the new cable and people will have to buy a new adapter. Apple sells the new adapter independently for $ 20.

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Unlike Apple iPhones, which are equipped with a Lighting port, Galaxy series phones use a standard USB-C cable for charging. This means that the cable that comes with the Galaxy S21 is compatible with many chargers (including the Galaxy S20 charger). Of course, the Galaxy S10, which was released almost two years ago, had a USB-A adapter.

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