Samsung will hold the First Look event on January 17 with a focus on screens

Samsung usually starts the new year with the introduction of TVs and other big screens, and apparently this is going to happen again in 2021, more ambitiously than before. Samsung has just announced in a press release that it intends to launch a new event on January 6, 2021 at 17:30 Tehran time. Hold First Look 2021 with the focus on the screen.

Samsung says it will showcase the future of the display industry at First Look 2021 with its latest technologies and perspectives. At the start of the event, it will be possible to watch it live on Samsung’s official website.

Details about the Samsung event are scarce and not too far off the mark; However, the poster that Samsung has released for the First Look 2021 event largely shows that Samsung is thinking of products beyond the conventional smart TVs in the upcoming event. Of course, TVs will also be present at the event, and some rumors have suggested that the new Serif model may be introduced. In addition, a special display of personal computers will probably be unveiled at Samsung’s new event. Needless to say, we can not easily ignore the possibility of introducing new flexible or foldable displays.

Samsung First Look 2021 event posterThe Samsung poster reads: “We invite you to First Look 2021; “Where a new perspective on screens begins.”

Don’t be surprised if Samsung focuses specifically on Micro LED or Mini LED displays at First Look 2021. The Korean company has just introduced its first pre-production model of micro-LED TVs and is expected to launch smart TVs and other products with Quantum Mini-LED displays soon.

In both cases, the final products will have a contrast and black ratio close to that of OLED displays, without problems such as dimming or internal burns. These technologies will most likely first appear on smart TVs; However, Samsung may also want to unveil tablets and laptops with mini-LED displays at First Look 2021.

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We’ll probably have to wait longer to hear any news about Samsung’s new handsets. It is said that Samsung intends to introduce the Galaxy S21 series phones and possibly its new foldable device on January 14, 2021. This means that the Koreans intend to focus only on large screens in First Look 2021.

However, it is likely that the technologies that Samsung will unveil at the First Look 2021 event will affect your visual experience of working with electronic products in the near future.

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