Sony has automatically reimbursed the cost of Maneater gaming

Sony has recently reimbursed the cost of Maneater purchased by users in recent days due to the game’s inclusion in the PlayStation Plus January’s list of free games.

It was recently announced that Maneater, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and GreedFall will be available for free to PlayStation Plus users in January. However, it has recently been revealed that Sony has reimbursed the costs of those users who purchased Maneater.

Recently a Reddit user named u / BraeWhyit has announced that Sony has reimbursed the cost of the Maneater it purchased last month (December), as the game will be available to PlayStation Plus users for free in January. “Since you are a PlayStation Plus user, we will refund the payment for Maneater to your wallet, as the game is on the January list of free games for PlayStation Plus users,” Sony said in a statement. “This does not mean that you can not experience the game or it will be removed from your playlist.”

It is further mentioned that currently no money has been transferred to the PSN account of the user u / BraeWhyit and he currently has access to the original version of the game. So if the PlayStation Plus subscription ends, it can still play. Of course, it has been suggested that the refund process may take some time, probably due to the New Year holidays. In the meantime, I would like to mention that this possibility (reimbursement of the game fee) is intended only for Maneater. What do you think about Zomji users?

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Maneater received a score of 6.5 from Zomji. Zomji wrote in his review of this game:

If a gamer wants to experience a product that turns him into a bloodthirsty shark for about 12 hours, he knows that there is no better option than Maneater to date in the video game market. At the same time, it can not be denied that the not-so-justifiable pricing of the work, the summing up of a very high percentage of its hours to do very similar things, and the game suffering from technical flaws that can literally cause the player to be completely detached from the product. And they do everything they can to make sure the Maneater looks bigger than it really is. However, if you can set your expectations and not have a problem with the story and album of neutral soundtrack, you probably will not regret the one-time experience of Tripwire Interactive and Blindside Interactive at a lower price than the original number.

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