Spider-Man’s surprise confession in the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series

Kinderd’s character has arrested Spider-Man and asks him to confess; Something that may even be much worse and darker than the deal he made with Mephisto.

Warning: Continuing this article may reveal part of the Amazing Spider-Man # 54.LR story.




Ever since Kinderd began torturing Spider-Man, his entire focus has been on one thing. He wants to put Spider-Man in a situation where he has to admit something. Kinderd’s main goal seemed to be the same deal that Spider-Man made with Mephisto, creating the One More Day storyline; Something that erased part of the character’s life story and history. Given the extent to which this infamous storyline has affected Harry Osborne’s life, this seems entirely logical. One More Day was brought back to life after the storyline.

He was one of those people whose history and life story were completely rewritten; It was because of the deal made with the devil. Of course, the One More Day storyline is currently under investigation, and Dr. Strange is particularly involved with the Spider-Man astral and astral levels. But there seems to be another issue; Harry Osborne may want to pressure Spider-Man to confess to the murder of Gwen Stacy. This story goes back to a long time ago and the first appearances of Kinderd’s character; Where he persecuted Norman Osborne just as much as Spider-Man.

Peter Parker talking to Harry Asbon / Kinder

Since Kinderd is Harry Osborne, it all makes sense. Harry’s father turned him into a villain, and Peter betrayed his trust more than once. Both Peter and Norman were largely responsible for Gwen Stacy’s death. The LR version of the latest installment in the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series addresses this issue more than ever. The episode begins with Mary Jane Watson heading to the cemetery to confront Kinder, rescuing both Peter Parker and Harry Osborne.

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But the strange thing that happens in the meantime is that he remembers a certain scene from the past; Something not to be remembered at all. Mary Jane recalled a time when Harry, in the form of the Green Goblin, took her to the bridge where Gwen Stacy had fallen and lost her life. It was at this point that Harry said he would never harm MG. But at the same time, he was convinced that his father was not responsible for Gwen’s death. He also blamed Peter Parker for Gwen’s death. The story comes from the storyline of episode 200 of the Peter Parker comic book series, the Spectacular Spider-Man, published in 1993.

جی. ام. Dematis, Sal Bushma, Bob Sharen and Joe Rosen edited the comic book; The part where Harry lost his life at the end. Harry Osborne died believing that Spider-Man was responsible for Gwen Stacy’s death. Based on all that Kinder has shown Spider-Man over the years, while killing him over and over again, it can be concluded that this may indeed be a true belief. Peter Parker initially refused to stop a criminal, and it was the man who killed Uncle Ben. After a while, Spider-Man got into a fight with the Green Goblin on the battlefield.

Kinderd character with Uncle Ben's rotten body

When Norman Osborne found out about Spider-Man and found out that he was Peter Parker, he kidnapped Gwen Stacy as a prey to lure Spider-Man to himself. Norman knocked Gwen off the bridge, but also tried to save Spider-Man with his strings. Of course, it was the strings that broke Gwen’s neck and took his life. Although Norman is responsible for Gwen Stacy’s death, it was Spider-Man’s actions that led to his assassination; Both by putting him in danger in the first place and then killing him while rescuing him. In fact, Harry Osborne’s dinner party for Spider-Man was attended by the bodies of Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy.

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Of course, the body of George Stacey was also present at the party; Someone who lost his life while rescuing people during a battle between Spider-Man and Dr. Octopus. All of these people died indirectly because of Spider-Man. Although many readers believe that Kinderd intends to force Peter to admit his deal with Mephisto; But it seems that Harry still believes that Spider-Man was responsible for Gwen Stacy’s death. He intends to do something to get Peter to conclude that his decisions were in fact the things that led to the death of their friend many years ago; Decisions that still bother those who love and stand by Peter today.

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