STALKER 2 gameplay video played; The protagonist in the high-risk area

The creators of STALKER 2 once again showed its admirable artistic and technical graphics to gamers by playing a new teaser trailer that attracted a lot of attention.

The protagonist of STALKER 2 is supposed to be named Stif, and the player in his role makes decisions that affect the fate of this sad and scary world. The new short teaser of the game shows both this hero and the graphics of the STALKER 2 engine. After all, it is no secret that STALKER 2 game thrilled gamers with its previous release and still receives various accolades, at least graphically.

Ukrainian game studio GSC Game World has not yet announced the original release date of STALKER 2 and only says that the work in question will be presented to players in 2021. It should also not be forgotten that this highly anticipated game will only be released for Xbox X Series, Xbox S Series and PC. You also have to make sure that the final game can look even better when running the new teaser. Because it supports 4K resolution and retrying technology. The important point here is that all online displays of a video game are always subject to special compressions of platforms such as YouTube and have a lower visual quality than the actual performance of the game on a powerful system.

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The game uses non-linear storytelling and the player’s decisions have a significant impact on his experience.

In this teaser, we see the movement of the protagonist of the game in an uninhabited environment that is affected by the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Technically, this video also draws the audience’s attention to the serious role of Ray Tracing technology in STALKER 2. The presence of airborne particles also makes the heavy atmosphere of the environment more believable. Since we are dealing with a sequel to a work that is known for its suffocating atmosphere, this graphic power can definitely contribute to the success of the game.

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Players guess that the fall of that tree in a part of the teaser can also indicate the degradability of some objects in the environment or the scary change of environment over time. Finally, we see the attack of a dangerous creature on the game’s protagonist, Stif, who may be the new enemy that the creators said was created to make STALKER 2 even scarier than the first part.

Members of the GSC Game World studio have promised that STALKER 2 will be both a simulator of survival in a nuclear hell and a terrifying experience. In this open-world game, you have to focus on survival and at the same time experience a changeable story. The developers also claim that STALKER 2 is set to be the largest open source video game in video game history. Really do not forget that if you are a subscriber of Xbox GamePas service, from the day of release, you can experience the game with the same subscription and without buying separately.

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