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If you are a fan of horror movies, you are undoubtedly familiar with The Conjuring horror movie series. The story of the movies in this movie series about Edward Warren and Lauren Warren, A loving couple who were investigating cases of supernatural themes and evil forces in the 60s and 80s. Ed Warren was born in 1926 and Lauren Warren was born in 1927 and has been working in the field of paranormal since 1952. During their activity, the couple reviewed important cases, of which the Annabel doll can be considered the most important. In 2013, the first film of the movie series The Conjuring was directed James Van It was prepared and screened, and three years after its release, the second part of this series also went to the cinemas in 2016.

The main actors of this film, who play the roles of Ed and Lauren Warren Patrick Wilson and Fara Farmiga According to many film critics, the artistic performance of these two actors is the main reason for the success of the films in this series. In addition to playing the role of these two actors, one of the most important reasons for the popularity of this film series is that the storyline of its films is about real stories and cases, which doubles the attractiveness of these films. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It – Summon: The Devil Made Me Do It – 5 years after its release, the second part is scheduled to be released in 2021, and for this reason we decided to review the whole article in one article. Let’s pay attention to the information, news and footnotes of “Summoning: The Devil Made Me”.

All About Summoning Movie 3

The girl character of the movie is conjuring in a window frame and a cross in the hands of the main character

Movie release date summoned 3

The Conjuring 3 movie will be released on June 4, 1400 (June 4, 2021)

It was in June 2017 that New Line Cinema confirmed in a statement that Summon 3 was under construction, but did not give an exact release date at the time. Cinemagoers waited until September 2018 to learn more about the film. At that time, the producer of this film was Peter Safran Announced that they hope to start the production process of this film in 2019; According to him, what happened and the production of this film started in June 2019. For this reason, and because of the start of production of this film in 2019, most likely this film should have been released in 2020. Warner Bros. confirmed this and announced September 11, 2020 as the release date of the film, but the spread of the Corona virus around the world slowed down the production process of the film, and for this reason, the release date of this film, like many Postpone from 2020 movies to another date. Warner Bros. Studios is currently planning to release this movie on June 4, 1421 (June 4, 2021), and if there is no particular problem, we will see the release of this movie on that date.

The main characters of the movie are conjuring in the basement of a conquered house

Summoned movie actors 3

Do you think The Conjuring can be portrayed without the presence of Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in the roles of Lauren and Ed Warren? The answer to this question will most likely be no. Therefore, it is certain because of the presence of these two actors in The Conjuring, who played a very important role in the success of the previous episodes of this series. If we pass by the presence of these two actors, we will most likely see the presence of actors such as Rory O’Connor, Sarah Catherine Hook and Julien Hillard We will be summoned in the new part of the film. We can also expect that Sterling Jeans Be in this movie series again; The actor who plays the role Judy That is, he played the daughter of Ed and Lauren. The important thing about the possible cast of The Conjuring 3 is that the storyline of the films in this series is not about the Warren family, but about families who are involved in evil and extraterrestrial forces. For this reason, the possibility of the presence of the actors of the previous episodes in the form of the same characters is considered very low, because we will most likely see a new family in the story of this film.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Patrick Wilson explained the production process of this film and said: “The production process of this film was amazing and it had a different feeling than the previous films in this series. The film retains the foundation of previous films, and continues to tell the story of Ed and Lauren and their crazy stories. “We continue to take these two characters to places they have not been before, and this allows the new film in the world of Conjuring to convey a new and different experience to its viewer, while preserving the foundation of the old films.” According to Patrick Wilson, we can expect new actors and characters to appear in the movie Summoning 3.

Cover of the third version of the summoning movie series conjuring the devil made me do it

Summoning movie story 3

Although the details of the storyline of Summoning 3 have not been officially announced and no specific information about the details of its storyline has been made available to the filmmakers by the filmmakers, it is clear that the story of the film is about another real Warren family case. Ed and Lauren Warren were studying it in the distant years. A report in Bloody Disgusting reports that the story of the third part of Kangering is about the trial of a man who claimed to have been possessed by a demon and had committed murder for that reason. The probability of this being true is very high because of the title that the creators have chosen for this film. In 1981, during an unusual court case, Warren’s family began investigating the case. The case was renamed the Devil Made Me Do It that year; The title is also intended for the third part of this film. “The story of the man who used” conquest “that year as an excuse for his actions is very interesting,” said James Vaughn, one of the film’s producers and writers, in a 2018 interview. “I think this is the first time in the history of American courts that a man uses demon possession as a reason to kill another person.” According to Van’s reference to this story, we can be sure of a high percentage of the storyline of this film.

The story of Summoning 3 probably revolves around a man who commits murder by claiming to be possessed by evil forces.

There is good information available about this case and its stories. To summarize the possible storyline of this film, we will review the details of this case together. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It will probably tell the story of a murder in which the killer character claims to have been possessed by an unknown and evil force. This surprises the investigators of the paranormal cases, Ed and Lauren Warren, so much so that they begin their investigation into the case and the man’s allegations. This case becomes one of the most important and strange cases in the couple’s life, in which they have to face the force that the man claims to have possessed. The case is so significant that it makes it the first case in the history of American courts in which the killer names evil forces to defend himself.

The main house in the location of the film conjuring and the presence of a rope on the tree

Summoning story theories 3

Before the official announcement of the title of the movie Summoning 3, which largely determined its storyline, there were many rumors about the details of the third part of the movie. These were very widespread rumors about the presence of a werewolf in the film; A wolf most likely possessed by an evil force that the Warren family must deal with. After the official announcement of the title of the film, the possibility of these rumors disappearing to a large extent, but it is not bad to look at the information that exists on this subject. In 2018, Vera Farmiga, starring Lauren Warren, said in an interview about the story of the third part of the film: “I think the story of the third part of this film is related to wolves, or at least we see a captured wolf in the film. I may be wrong about this. This may have been in the minds of the creators, but we will not see it in the film. “I received a book from a person close to the Warren family called Warewolf about an evil werewolf.”

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The possibility of a werewolf in this film is very low, but it is even possible that during the story of the same court that probably forms the storyline of the film, we will see an evil creature in the form of a werewolf; An issue that has not yet been formally approved or rejected. “There are cases in Warren’s family life that may not be very well known, but they have taken a long time to examine each of them, cases that are very exciting despite the anonymity of the story,” said Peter Safran, one of the film’s producers, in an interview. And they are attractive. We can not picture an occupied house again, we can not again face a house occupied by evil forces and families in danger. We do not intend to present a film with a repetitive story to our fans at all, and this will make the occupied houses duplicate the films of this cinema series; “Isn’t that so?” However, we have to wait until the release of new information about the movie Summoning 3 to better talk about the details of the storyline.

Michael Chavez and James Vaughan, director and producer of The Conjuring 3

The Conjuring 3 production team

Although the first and second parts of this film series were directed by James Vaughan, the third part is not going to be directed by him. Although James Vaughan will still play an important role in the production team of this film, he is not in the production team of the film, not as a director, but as one of the producers and writers of the script. The third part of Kangering is directed by Michael Chavez. Chvez has also directed The Curse of La Llorona; A film in which, like Summoner 3, James Vaughn was present as a producer on the production team, so that the collaboration of these two people in making the new part of this cinematic series is very logical. Presence David Leslie Johnson as One of the writers of The Conjuring 3 has been confirmed to be one of the writers of the new episode of this movie series, like the second part of this movie. Also, as mentioned in the previous sections of the article, along with James Vaughn, Peter Safran will be on the production team as another producer of this film.

The character of Lauren Warren is played by Vera Farmiga and a captured character in the movie Conjuring

Future Summon Horror Collection

Summoning movie series, which has become one of the most popular and successful movie series in the horror genre, gained a lot of fans all over the world after the release of its first and second episodes. Undoubtedly, all fans of this genre will welcome the continuation of this cinematic series and will enjoy it if the next episodes are produced. However, there is still no official news about the future of this series after the third part, and none of the members of its production team have announced any information about the next parts. The only thing about the future of this series is the words of James Vaughan after the second part of this series, who said: “Warren family has many interesting stories and files, each of which can turn into an interesting and exciting film. “I hope this film series captures these cases as much as it can so that fans of this series and horror movies become more familiar with the Warren family’s cases.” As we explained, there is no exact and official information about the future of this series yet, but according to James Vaughn, if nothing special happens, we can expect the next episodes of this film series to be produced based on other Warren family records.

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