Taha Gasht is the organizer of Kish tour

Tahagasht: In the early days of the corona virus outbreak, almost sales Airfare Due to restrictions and border closures, it was reduced by about 90%, and this issue slightly removed the habit of traveling and choosing a destination from lives.

After a while, to announce the danger to each city of death and coronary heart disease, cities were identified with the colors that show.

  • Red alert and alert status
  • Yellow almost controllable condition
  • Orange between yellow and red (near red)
  • And finally white means clean

At first, the situation of Kish Island was a little better than other cities in the country, and with the creation of restrictions, these conditions improved, and this issue increased after the end of the restrictions Buy Kish tour شد.

In setting the second round restrictions in December of this year, no restrictions were placed on domestic flights.

From now on, passengers of all intercity vehicles must already have a health card if they have already been infected with Corona, and infected passengers who have not yet been quarantined will be prevented from entering.

This is done in the mask system of the Ministry of Health, where by entering the national code of each person, his coronary information is displayed, and if a person is ill, a ticket will not be allowed.

So you can still apply for a Kish tour, you just need to know that

  • In this trip, you must follow the health protocols.
  • Not all Kish entertainment facilities will be available to you.

Travel guide with Kish tour in Corona era

Among all domestic tours in Iran, the popular Kish Island tour has always been one of the most popular tours in the country.

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Before traveling to Kish, there are some things you can do to have a safe trip.

  1. Have a travel plan.

As mentioned, not all recreational facilities in Kish are active.

So before traveling to this island and visiting it among the attractions of Kish, separate the available and safe attractions and make a trip planning according to your taste.

Of course, planning a trip is something you should do before each trip to make the most of all your time.

  1. Carry a mask, gloves and disinfectant.

Until the end of the virus epidemic

  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • Continuous washing
  • Disinfectants
  • And …

It will be a part of our lives, so do not forget the corona during the trip and bring as many disinfectants and masks as needed.

  1. Buy a plane ticket to observe social distance.

The rules and regulations are that only airlines are allowed to have 60% of the capacity of a passenger flight.

Therefore, if this is the case, no one will sit next to your chair and social distance will be observed.

But if the airline you are for it Buy a plane ticket to Kish If you do not follow this rule, you must reserve an extra seat for yourself.

In this way you have observed social distance.

  1. Follow flight hygiene protocols.

The health protocols you must follow during the flight are as follows:

  • Do not use the aircraft toilet
  • Do not eat anything during the flight
  • Disinfect areas you may come in contact with with disinfectant.
  • Avoid contact as much as possible, especially with the table behind the chair that is installed for you
  • Do not remove your mask during the flight. (If you can, use two masks or a shield.)
  • Avoid contact with the face, especially eyes, nose, mouth and ears.
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