Take a look at the redesign on the BMW R and Yamaha YZF motorcycles

The original design of the motorcycle was invented between 1867 and 1871 thanks to the steam engine. After 150 years, the general concept and basis of the motorcycle has not changed; Two, three or sometimes four wheels with the engine embedded under the seat and of course the motorcyclist smile and enjoy the outdoors.

The world of modern motorcycles is much larger than it was two centuries ago, and this development has come from the production of a variety of successful and failed models. If we look at motorcycling over the past few decades, several models are more prominent; Like the products of Biamo, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and other brands in the global market.

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The five motorcycles you see in this article are some of the most popular models on the market that have been produced in different generations for years. Each of these motorcycles represents a specific class and feature in a variety of models; A closer look at the old and new models, in addition to admiring the engineering of the past, can predict some of the characteristics of future generations of each motorcycle. In the following, we will review the different models of BMW, R, Honda VFR, IndyCife, Yamaha YZF and Aprilia ETX motorcycles.

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Uncle R Series

BMW / BMW R motorcycle

Manufactured from 1923 to the present in 65 models

The German company BMW left behind a successful automotive era in the 2010s and followed in the footsteps of major domestic competitors in the luxury and sports car markets. But a few decades ago, when the world was in the throes of a world war, the Treaty of Versailles forced Beamu to abandon aircraft engine production and look for another market. The Bavarian car industry was officially formed in 1922, and the R32 durable motorcycle was produced in 1923. The Beamo R32 was a different motorcycle with a wet cartel oil system, a three-speed manual transmission and a flat two-cylinder petrol engine. This motorcycle had only 8.5 horsepower; But its top speed was 100 kilometers per hour, which in 1923 was extremely fast.

After the R32, Biamo unveiled its first sports motorcycle, the R37, in 1925. R37 was engineered based on R32; But thanks to new valves and other propulsion changes, it had 16 horsepower.

Different generations of Honda Accord cars

The Beam R Series was produced in several generations with minor technical and visual changes until the early 1930s, and then in 1935, the world’s first mass-produced motorcycles equipped with telescopic plugs, the R12 and R17, were introduced. Another major change in the R-Series occurred in the 1938 R61, which softened the old suspension and ride suspension of the famous BMW motorcycle.

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The design of the R-Series changed completely in the 1970s to compete with Japanese products; Earlier, in 1969, the 60.5 model was produced, which for the first time in the R series had a seat with a capacity of two people. With the launch of the R1200 RS and R1200 RT in 2016, Beyamu restored the sporty spirit to the R Series and offered desirable Turing motorcycles to fans.

The latest model of the R series was produced with the aim of returning to the design of the past. Unveiled in 2020, the R18 is based entirely on the classic design of the R5 and R18, and uses the most powerful Boxer BMW engine with a displacement of 1802 cc and 91 horsepower.

Honda VFR

Honda VFR motorcycle

Produced from 1986 to the present in 45 models

Honda’s first motorcycles used flat four-cylinder engines that conquered the American market in the 1970s and 1980s. But with the VF and VFR series, Honda used the V-shaped four-cylinder engine contrary to expectations. Of course, designing the first Honda V4 models was not without problems; For example, the first models had a technical defect, which Honda’s engineering team solved by using the overhead mill in the first generation of the 1986 VFR.

Honda produced the VFR to compete directly with the Yamaha EZ750 and Suzuki GSXR-R750; But it was the VFR 750F that became the Turing flagship of the Japanese brand. The VF and VFR series changed in the 1990s with new frames, wider wheels, a narrower rear panel, new brakes, adjustable rear suspension and a change of motorcycle seat.

Different generations of Honda Accord cars

In 1998, the VFR 800F was launched at a top speed of 235 km / h, and two years later, the Honda VFR 800FI with aerodynamic design, ABS brakes and injector propulsion announced a bright future for the series. Honda’s proprietary variable valve timing technology (VTEC) was first used in the 2001 VFR 800 Interceptor, which controlled the variable motion of two valves per cylinder up to 7,000 and activated two more valves as the engine revolved. Honda VTEC technology is also present in the latest VFR 800X model, which of course gives the rider more torque at the low engine.

Indin Chief

Indian Chief Motorcycle

Production from 1923 to the present in 39 models

The first American Indian motorcycle was produced in 1922. Charles Franklin introduced this motorcycle as a replacement for the Powerplus model; But the next model, called Big Chief, attracted the most attention. The Big Chief, which accelerated to 145 km / h, was designed to fit a passenger cabin into the chassis; But motorcyclists preferred the Big Chief without a cabin.

Different generations of Honda Accord cars

Large fenders and long handles on the Indian Chief were unique features of this motorcycle, which changed slightly in 1940. The fenders became larger and a softer suspension was installed behind it. Production of this model continued into the 1950s until Indian Motorcycle Company, after five decades of operation, declared bankruptcy in 1953, and the last model of the Indian Chief factory was launched in the same year. After the bankruptcy of India, various companies took over the taxation of this brand, and the Chief Motorcycle was produced in several other models.

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From 2011 until today, Polaris Industries has taken ownership of Indian Motorcycle and new Chief models have been introduced. The latest models of Indian Chief are the product of 2017 with the same classic design but modern parts and equipment such as ABS brake and cruise control.

Yamaha YZF

Yamaha Motorcycle / Yamaha YFZ 2015

Manufactured from 1923 to the present in 66 models

Yamaha YZF motorcycle series is less than 30 years old; But they have been produced in 66 models. The first generation of this series was produced in 1933 in two models, YZF 750R and YZF 750 SP; The 750R was powered by a 749 cc four-cylinder engine with 120 hp and a six-speed sequential gearbox. The YZF Series’ 1000s lasted until 1996 in the 1000R T-Ace, and two years later, the R1 was unveiled as the main competitor to the sports models, beating Suzuki with Yamaha’s flagship Hayabusa.

Different generations of Honda Accord cars

By 2005, Yamaha had produced three R1 versions of the YZF series with a new chassis and two-stroke engine; The 2005 model of this motorcycle in the R1 MOTOGP version had about 180 horsepower.

The latest models of the Yamaha YZF series are engineered based on weight loss and increased strength and stability in the ride.

Aprilia ETX

Aprilia ETX 150 motorcycle

Production from 1923 to the present in 16 models

Italians do not only have beautiful products in the car industry, and motorcycles made in this country are one of the most attractive examples on the market. In 1945, after World War II, Aprilia entered the bicycle and then the motorcycle industry.

Different generations of Honda Accord cars

The first generation of the different Aprilia ETX off-road motorcycle was unveiled in 1984 with the code ETX125. This attractive model was powered by a 124 cc two-stroke engine up to 18 hp and had a 35 mm telescopic front fork. Two years later, Aprilia introduced the ETX350 with a 349 cc air-cooled engine, 26 horsepower, a gearbox and a five-speed manual, which was praised by experts and enthusiasts in the world of off-road motorcycles.

The latest model in the ETX series has undergone minor changes while retaining the old Offroad design and looks quite modern.


Some of the motorcycles we are introduced to in this article have retained some of the first generation design; But in terms of safety and technical performance, such as lightweight materials and digital technologies are not comparable to the past few decades.

Which motorcycle are you a fan of? Do you think it is more difficult to change the generation and design of a motorcycle or a car?

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