Telecom online store; A new way to buy digital products

The telecom online store, with the launch of the website, serves the privileged owner of Padideh Bazargan Pajhwok Group, with the mission of supplying goods with three principles of “fast delivery”, “best price” and “guaranteeing the authenticity of goods” and employing experienced and young staff in This path takes steps.


The services of the telecom online store are as follows:

  • Online sales of digital products
  • Intelligent comparison of goods
  • Meet the needs of users with any budget and any age category
  • Providing the top brands in the world
  • 24-hour online support 7 days a week
  • Professional and professional advice in purchasing 24 hours a day
  • Reasonable price despite currency fluctuations
  • Experienced professional team and sales specialists
  • Special discount campaigns
  • Presence in social networks
  • Fast and secure delivery of goods

Telecom online store with the focus on online sales of digital products such as laptops, monitors, mobile phones, tablets and mobile accessories, to meet the needs of any group of users in any age category with any budget and any level.


This store will be by your side by providing the top brands in the world such as Lenovo, Asus, Apple and Samsung with a valid warranty and the advice and guidance of the support team in order to provide the best services. With a support team and experienced consultants in the field of type and selection of goods, taking into account the customer’s budget and eliminating any problems in the purchasing process, Telecom is with Telecom customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Telecom strives to meet the needs of users in the field of digital goods by making a wide variety of products available. Not to mention that this online store allows you to enjoy special discounts by offering appropriate campaigns and festivals for the greater well-being of its users. Another advantage of the telecom online store that distinguishes it from its online competitors is the assurance of reminding customers to receive quality and original products.

Users who purchase from Telecom will become a special member of the Telecom family after the first purchase and will benefit from discounts and newsletters for festivals and special awards.

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