The Atrium Developing Tribunal will meet in September 2021

The US government claims Virgil Griffith, Developer of Atrium cryptocurrencies, has helped North Korea better understand how to circumvent economic sanctions imposed by the United States through cryptocurrencies. Griffith, who was arrested in late 2019 on charges of aiding North Korea in using the cryptocurrencies, denies US allegations and is trying to close the case.

پی. Kevin Kestel, A New York District Attorney, recently issued some verdicts on a number of charges; But the full trial of Virgil Griffith is said to be scheduled for September 2021 (September and October 1400).

According to a complaint filed by the US government, Griffith went to the city last April (April and May 1999) despite the rejection of his request by the US. Pyongyang North Korea has traveled to speak at a conference on blockchain technology. Griffith’s speech at the North Korean conference is the first case to be filed in a US court focusing on Ramzars and sanctions against him.

In October 2020, Griffith’s legal representatives filed a lawsuit to dismiss Griffith’s allegations. The petition argued that Virgil Griffith’s move to transfer some public information about blockchain technology to North Korea did not necessarily mean providing services to the country, and that the US government’s claims could not fully substantiate anything. A court hearing was held last week, and during the hearing, Griffith’s attendance at the North Korean blockchain conference became a hot topic for discussion.

Judge Kestel asked for more details from government lawyers and asked if the government wanted to argue that Griffith’s remarks at the North Korean conference contained details beyond the North Korean government’s knowledge. Government attorneys said they were not seeking to make such a claim and would instead release evidence to show how Griffith’s speech and subsequent Q&A session helped conference participants understand how the cryptocurrencies worked.

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One of the lawyers says Griffith had previously told the FBI that the people who attended the conference were not experts; Except for a few people. Griffith also referred to his remarks at the ceremony and said exactly what issues he had discussed with the audience.

It is unknown at this time what charges Griffith will face. The government’s complaint alleges numerous violations of sanctions laws; But Griffith’s lawyers want to know exactly what he is accused of doing.

At last week’s hearing, Judge Kestel did not rule in favor of Griffith. On the other hand, the government had requested permission to reveal the identity of a person who had witnessed the violation of the law by Virgil Griffith; But Judge Kestel did not issue such a permit. The prosecutor’s statement does not currently support initial allegations that North Korea has leaked information about the cryptocurrencies, thanks to Griffith, and further investigation is needed.

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Judge Kestel asked the court to set a number of preconditions for reaching an agreement by January 25, 2021. The judge also announced some days in September as a possible day for a court hearing.

Griffith’s lawyers have reportedly requested that a number of the restrictions imposed on him be lifted for the time being. One of the lawyers says that the restrictions are too much and Griffith does not have access to the Internet and cannot leave the house.

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