The BOE will soon begin providing OLED panels for the iPhone 12 family

In the early 2020s, before the official unveiling of the Apple iPhone 12 series, there were rumors that Apple was in talks with The BOE is heard. It was said at the time that Apple wanted to make BOE its third largest supplier of OLED displays for the iPhone 12 Series.

After quality tests, only Samsung and LG were recognized as suppliers of the iPhone 12 display; This is because, according to numerous reports, BOE displays have encountered a number of problems. That’s why Apple postponed the continuation of the negotiations so that the BOE could work on the quality of its displays.

Recently, one of the analytics companies in the display industry has recently claimed that the BOE has finally received the approval of Apple. According to the report, BOE will soon begin the process of producing OLED panels for the iPhone 12. Analysts estimate that Samsung, LG and the BOE will produce approximately 130 million, 40 million and 10 million OLED panels for Apple next year, respectively.

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If conditions for iPhone 12 sales go well next year, the BOE’s OLED display production order may increase to 20 million units. It turns out that the BOE will make displays not only for the iPhone 12 but also for the iPhone 13. The BOE says it intends to increase its share of the display market over time, and this is the firm firm first step.

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