The British Parliament is looking for a way to combat the purchase of ninth-generation consoles by robots

Although it has been a while since the ninth generation consoles were released; But many gamers still have not been able to buy their favorite console. Reports show that retailers’ inventory empties as soon as it increases in a very short period of time.

This is despite the fact that Sony and Microsoft have repeatedly increased the number of consoles in the global market; But the main problem is that many devices are bought by profiteers using robots. In fact, retailers use a variety of methods, such as setting a timer for later purchases, limiting the number of consoles that can be purchased in one order, and more; But profiteers use robots to bypass the mentioned steps and empty the stores.

Basically to such people “Petty traders” Or Scalper It is said that they buy the products available in the market in large numbers and by making them rare, they try to sell them, but at a much higher price. This has happened in recent weeks for the PlayStation 5, Xbox X Series and S Series, and it is enough for the series to hit websites like e-Bay to see the sale of ninth generation consoles with astronomical price tags.

In this regard, the British Parliament is trying to make the purchase of ninth generation consoles using robots a criminal act. By reading illegally the actions taken by petty traders, one can hope that such actions will be prevented to some extent. However, the main problem is that there are people who are willing to buy consoles by profiteers at high prices.

The move by the British Parliament would be to introduce a law that would not allow anyone to sell consoles or other computer components, such as processors or graphics cards, for more than the price set by the manufacturers. In addition, the use of robots to buy goods is prohibited, and anyone who uses such a method will be prosecuted.

Bulk buying and then selling at very high prices has not only happened to ninth-generation consoles, such as Nvidia’s next-generation graphics cards, which have run into a similar problem. So far, the British Parliament has moved 26 signatures to pass the law.

Finally, it should be said that users and gamers provide the ground for the activities of profiteers, and if the products for sale are not purchased by petty traders, the activities of such people will be greatly limited.

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