The creators of Agent were arrested during the making of this game in Cairo

Some members of the Agent game development team from Rockstar San Diego Studios, who had traveled to Egypt years ago to photograph Cairo, were arrested by Egyptian law enforcement officials.

Agent was one of those games that was supposed to be made years ago and reached by players, but the process of making it did not end well, and even in November 2018 (December 97) it was announced that Rockstar Games is no longer trying to maintain the agent brand, because Sam HauserThe founder of Rockstar Games, the name is no longer used for them. The initial stages of the Agent game development project were in the hands of the Rockstar San Diego branch in the early 2000s, before being handed over to Rockstar North Studios.

Now, over the years, there has been some interesting and controversial news from the early stages of media agent development. The point is that some of the developers of San Diego Rockstar Studios in a foreign country were involved in an international adventure that probably coincided with the spy theme of the game they were making!


According to Blake Hester of the GameInformer website, part of the agent game was to take place in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. In this regard, members of the San Diego Rockstar at the time realized that he did not have many photos of the city environment that he wanted to use as a source in making the game. For this reason, some members of the game development team were sent to Egypt to photograph the atmosphere and atmosphere of Cairo.

The team included William Kidol and Joseph Sanberia, game environment designers, Charles Murrow, art director, and Darrell Glager, the studio’s chief artist. Before traveling to Cairo, they had researched legal issues and barriers to photography in the city, and even hired English-speaking drivers to relocate to Cairo. Play the role of translator. However, they did not seem to be ready for what they were to experience in Cairo.

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Joseph Sanbria was the first person to be confronted by Cairo police. Sanbria was stopped by police while filming and forced to delete one of her camera photos. In the following days, as the team was touring and photographing Cairo neighborhoods, they continued to face violent clashes with police. At some point, the clashes reached their climax and Darl Golgar was arrested and interrogated at Cairo Airport; The other members of the team were arrested at the hotel where they were staying and locked in their rooms.

The senior playwright was arrested at Cairo airport and interrogated; The other members of the team were arrested at the hotel where they were staying and somehow locked in their rooms.

The accusation against the members of the Agent production team was that they were making pornographic films. Following the incident, Rockstar Games project manager Luis Gigliotti contacted the US Embassy in Cairo. “I will never forget that moment,” Jiglotti said in an interview with Blake Hester of GameInformer. Someone behind the line at the US embassy in Cairo suddenly said to me, “Are you stupid ?! “Who told you that doing this is a great idea?” Meanwhile, the agent-building team was suddenly faced with another problem that was about to become another acute problem for them. It had to do with the contents of a laptop that Charles Murrow had borrowed from his father, a gynecologist.

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After many troubles for the members of the Agent game development team in Egypt, they finally managed to board the plane and return to the United States. However, the San Diego Rockstar canceled another trip that the game development team was scheduled to make after Cairo to St. Petersburg, Russia. The events that befell the Agent production team in Cairo cannot be compared to the James Bond films or other spy films. However, it can be said that the involvement of the spy-themed game development team in an international event with a similar color scheme is a bit ironic.

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Agent was first introduced in 2009 and was to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 3 console. The events of the game also took place in the late 1970s, in the midst of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. Rockstar Games twice upgraded the game’s trademark in 2013 and 2016, but finally decided to give it up in 2018. In 2017, a concept art was leaked from the game that showed the snowy environment of the game.

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Rockstar North does not seem to be thinking of making an Agent anymore. The latest game created by this studio based in Edinburgh, Scotland, was GTA V and GTA Online. They also helped create Rockstar’s latest work, Red Dead Redemption 2. The Cayo Perico update was also recently released for Jet Online, which includes an island, a robbery plan, music and new radio stations.

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