The Death Metal event changed one of Batman’s classic villains

One of Gotham City’s classic villains unexpectedly attended the Death Metal event for the last time, and during this process underwent a fundamental change.

Warning: The rest of this article may reveal parts of the Apicius story from the Dark Nights Death Metal comic book: The Final 52 War of the Multiverse.




The Penguins, in turn, like the other characters in the DC universe, appeared on the last battlefield to fight alongside others against an army of their dark Multiverse counterparts. But this final battle brought a completely new and unexpected aspect from the penguin to Azwald Caplebat. The Penguin made its final appearance in Dark Nights: Death Metal, during which time it evolved into a new and, of course, scary form; He was fighting his dark counterparts. The penguin, despite having no power, is still considered one of Batman’s fiercest enemies.

The popularity of this character was so great that he appeared even in modern times and stayed with new characters. The penguin has changed a lot over the years, becoming one of Gotham City’s most powerful and ruthless criminals. He repeatedly pushed the city against himself and always found a way to regain power and superiority over others. Even at the end of the world, shown at Dark Nights: Death Metal, his arrogant view of himself and his abilities continued. Despite the corruption caused by the laughing batman and the perpetual armies around the world, many of the prominent villains of the DC world were able to survive within the fragile and destroyed borders of Themiskra.

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Penguin / Azwald Cablepath character talking

Likewise, when Superman was trying to gather all the allies at his disposal and bring them to the battlefield, he was forced to release all the villains so that they too could join the final battle. This group of villains included Azwald Kabulpat; The same great and greedy gangster of Gotham City and a longtime enemy of the Batman character. To take part in this battle, the Penguins put aside their hatred of the DC World Heroes and joined them on the battlefield to fight their own nightmare versions from the Dark Multiverse and regain the life they had in the past. bring. Doing so for the penguin resulted in three different versions of itself.

In this battle, he encountered a skinny serial killer, a very wild hunter and a radioactive monster. Disgusted by seeing his other versions and how he had destroyed his legacy, Cablepot plunged himself into a battle against them. He did a very good job at first and was even able to blind his skinny counterpart with a spear. But the radioactive penguin was able to grab the cable and swallow it whole. It soon became clear that the radiation from this version of the Penguin was too much for the cable; In the same way, he immediately caused him to jump. But Kabulpat did not give up easily and did not die.

The character of the penguin / Azwald Kabulpot is becoming a giant crow

Instead, he transformed and grew, eventually becoming a giant, wild bird of prey. After all this, Kablopat decided to come back to life and have a memorable death and end if he were to die. Therefore, he became angry and attacked all three versions against him. He soon tore them all to pieces and destroyed all his dark-skinned counterparts. The Super Girl, shocked to see these events, saw the victory of Kabulpat; Although the end of the world was near and everything was coming to an end very soon. This victory also took the penguin by surprise and diminished the end of the world for him.

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This moment of the story even made this character proud. By doing this and winning, the penguin showed that it did not matter what changes and problems the city of Gotham brought to it; Eventually he wins again and has a strange power to survive. Although these events do not save the penguin at all, they did bring at least one big moment for this classic villain to finish his job; It’s at the end of the world.

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