The design of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro was revealed in a 3D animation

So far, various information has been published in cyberspace, including rendered images of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro; But Ivan Bless, the famous revealer, posted a 3D animation of the Korean company’s new airbag on his Twitter account, which allows him to watch the design of the unannounced product of Samsung.

The Galaxy Buds Pro is in the category of truly wireless airbags; Products that not only connect wirelessly to the smartphone, but also synchronize the airbags with each other wirelessly. The released animation allows us to watch the Galaxy Buds Pro from different angles. It should be noted that the design language of Samsung’s new airbag has not changed and the same successful formula of the past has been used.

The Galaxy Buds Pro is expected to be available in three colors: silver, purple and black; But it is not clear whether the three colors mentioned will be in line with the color scheme of the Galaxy S21 series or not. One of the features of the Galaxy Buds Pro will be the noise canceller in the user interface. In addition, the Korean company’s new airbags use a battery with a capacity of 500 mAh.

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However, to know the useful life of the Galaxy Buds Pro Airbag battery, you have to wait until its release and perform various tests. Samsung is scheduled to hold an event on January 14, 2021 (December 25, 1999) to introduce products such as the Galaxy S21 series and the Galaxy Buds Pro. Probably, in addition to the mentioned products, the Korean company has also prepared more surprises, but of course, we have to wait until January 16th to know them. Zomit will cover Samsung’s upcoming event.

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