The director of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s separation from Project CD

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt 3 director Conrad Tamskovic has left Project Redd’s game development studio. Investigations point to his innocence. But he preferred to leave the company.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is in many ways the most successful product released by CD Project to date, with Conrad Tamskovic as its number one director. But his position was challenged as a result of allegations of bullying by some employees. Of course, after months of internal investigation, he was officially acquitted. However, after enduring the allegations, Tomskovic no longer intends to stay in the studio and apologizes to colleagues in an email; Email that Jason Schreier It has been accessed in any form from Bloomberg.

“Regardless of the results of my research, I know that many other people feel scared, stressed and upset about working with me,” he wrote in an email. I apologize for all the problems I caused. The board approved my separation from the company. I continue to work on myself. Behavior change is a process Long And it’s difficult. “But I will not give up and I hope for change.”

Conrad Tomskovic was also the second director and head of the Cyberpunk 2077 game production team, and played a significant role in enlarging the Witcher series for the general public. Project CD To today’s position. Schreier has heard from his source that Conrad resigned with grief and some frustration. He was supposed to play a significant role in making the new Witcher game of the Polish studio Sidi Project Red.

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